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  1. Well, if this is in a 510, then you need an L-16 pan from a 510
  2. Disneyland has turned into the new Magic Mountain for Ghetto types of all colors! Lowlife should be a color on its own. I have not been there in over 12 years and I am no big hurry to go back!
  3. Found these a couple of weeks ago, but have not seen them since.
  4. Got my two RLC '41 Willys Gassers and they are super cool!
  5. I installed my pump to be at the lowest point i could get it to the fuel cell so the fuel will flow into it more naturally and the pump won't have to work too hard to draw fuel. Distance should not be a problem.
  6. So, I managed to score two of these off the Hot Wheels Red Line Club, who else got one?
  7. Super Treasure Hunt cars come with Special Spectraflame type paint jobs, Special Markings and Real Rider Wheels, which are two piece wheels with rubber tires. That's all.
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