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  1. I think it is for next years batch of Car Culture
  2. Looks like the latest Team Transport is undergoing a wheel variation. The two in the back are the original issue wheels.
  3. Not yet, should be at least a couple of months to go. I sometimes wonder that myself. I have two of the BRE cars signed by Brock and Morton, and sometimes I am tempted to throw one on ebay to see what I can get. What I really am curious about are the ones I have bought from BRE themselves and are autographed. Those should be a bit more valuable, as long as the JDM Hot Wheels market stays strong. But there are also the Racing and Datsun Collectors, like me, who just have them for what they are.
  4. Almost the color that I am painting my 2 door!
  5. Toyota Supra, D21 Hardbody and another version of the 510
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