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  1. arizonajones

    1980 720 2WD (AZJones' Build Thread)

    Thanks! - Yeah, like Wayno said, the sizing on them is real weird. I kinda feel like mine are nice prototypes, since I learned a bunch from cutting and re-welding. If I was to do it again and I had to retro-fit, I might just buy the 521 brackets and add a spacer to get them centered right. I've seen the grille on eBay for an okay price here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Grill-for-Datsun-Truck-720-1980-1981-/371523407068?fits=Make%3ADatsun%7CModel%3A720&hash=item5680854cdc:g:UZMAAOSwDNdVle~s&vxp=mtr I don't know anybody who's ordered from this seller, but I've seen him around for a while.
  2. arizonajones

    1980 720 2WD (AZJones' Build Thread)

    Howdy Ratsun. Been a while. Up until recently, the only Datsun-ing I've been doing has been driving to work everyday. But now I have an update- Thanks to Wayno, I have rare, not-sold-in-the-US round headlight grill. I bought it from him about a year and half ago, and it was going to take me a couple of weeks to modify some headlight brackets to fit my truck (I'm waaay too cheap to buy the OEM brackets for this truck/headlight combo.) But, it turns out my two week project took about a year and a half... So I got some old 720 brackets (the retangular ones) and some round buckets from an old BMW at the yard. I made a jig from the old housing to make sure the 4 bolt holes for the truck matched up and made a template from the new & old grills to line up where the new headlights would relate to the old ones. Sliced it up, re-welded em up. Painted em. Spent a ton of time getting the spring tension/placement right so they would focus in the right spot (couldn't use the rectangular-light springs cause they were too long, so I bought new ones from the hardware store). Took out the old ones, and made wiring pigtails for the different layout (Thanks for the guidance on that Wayno) Boom! Facelift complete.
  3. arizonajones


    Hey! That's me! Sorry I couldn't stop and talk - we were on a mission to buy Mother's Day gifts. I've missed out an all of the Datsun-ing this year (other than driving one...) but I'll definitely be at Canby this summer.
  4. arizonajones

    His first car..

    I wouldn't mess with a z-series carb on an L motor. They have way more emissions ports. Sticking with the original Hitachi DCH340 and a rebuild kit worked for me ('80 720 with l20b), because I have to deal with emissions - otherwise, go with a Weber. (good place to order a Weber - http://www.piercemanifolds.com/default.asp )
  5. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    I'll be there
  6. arizonajones

    710 race car

    Are you gonna be at the Portland Historics SVRA race this weekend?
  7. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    I'm there.
  8. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    Definitely. I woke up the next day feeling beat up! Still psyched for next time though. I'll get some phone pics next time.
  9. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    It was a great time karting with you guys last night! I'm looking forward to next month already. I'm gonna try and do better than last place :rofl:
  10. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

  11. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    see ya then!
  12. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    Cool. I'm down for the 2nd.
  13. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    I could do either the first or the last Thursday. As far as upcoming dates go: either 5/26 or 6/2? Any ideal weeks for you guys?
  14. arizonajones

    Datsun's and Karting

    This is a great plan. My vote would be for Thursday.
  15. arizonajones

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    A once a month Sykart night would be awesome! Do you think people would come out on a weeknight - like Monday? I suppose we could set up a vote-thread.

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