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  1. Between all of the tries, must have bled 2 quarts of brake fluid through the system in all of the attempts. You're right I should try to inspect at least before rushing to get the crane.
  2. Mike, Wow, you really now these cars, that sounds exactly like what it is, very likely to me. You read this right, all was well before the car was put up. Problem began during the most recent test/exercise drive 3 years later. Looks like I'll need to look at renting or buying a crane to get the motor and transmission out to check the wire clip situation and deal with it outside of the car, not like working on the 620. Thanks Very Much for the insight... I'll let you know once I get it apart and post a few pics. Best Regards, Mitchell
  3. Would you know the amount of space or if It's possible to access the pivot ball and the clutch arm, separating the engine from the transmission without taking the transmission and motor out?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, not the best news I hoped for.... I'll let everyone know once this gets resolved.
  5. Anybody had the following problem with slave cylinders on a s30 73 240Z. I've had this car 30 years and have replaced slave cylinders many times. I hadn't been driving my car for about 3 years. I was test driving the car with the slave cylinder which had been used for a few years before the car was parked for the 3 year rest. While shifting into 1st gear the slave 'hyperextextended' or pushed out too far causing the piston in the slave to wedge at an angle between the slave body and fork. I was able to loosen the slave bolts and put the slave piston back into the slave cylinder. But it did the same thing again. I replaced from Rock Auto the Clutch Master and Clutch Slave together. Both parts look the same, 5/8" bore master the same as the old master as well as the slave looks identical. It's still doing the same thing with the new Master and Slave, just as the system is completed being bled. In other words the piston hyperextends to the point where it wedges at an angle with the rod between the fork and slave cylinder body. Could the shifter fork cracked or broke inside the tranny, however, it doesn't rattle or feel loose? I can pump the system by hand using the fork against the pushrod. I've tried in both directions, the old rod, the new rod, with the new slave reversing the attachment of the bleeder screw and hose fitting. No difference. This is and has always been the Non Hole, non threaded push rod late style S30 setup. Could really use some help. Thanks, Mitchell
  6. Thanks Mike, Conclusion of all this, is that it ended up being the headlight switch after all, even though it appeared to be working when tested with a continuity light. While the circuit was 'backfed' there was juice up to switch, so the wiring was ok. Thanks for your reply.
  7. At the switch output aok, It's at the pigtail where there isn't any power
  8. Both circuits are energizing as they ought to at the switch. At half pull only the running are energized at full pull all 4 wires are energized
  9. Yes, replaced the fuse, already. Was able to use a test light on the output from the switch by removing the fuse I could determine which wires coming out of the switch are for the running lights. The 4 output wires from the switch are all lighting the continuity tester.
  10. To be clearer, the Headlights work aok from the headlight switch but not the running / dash lights / knobs. The fuse I removed for the backfeed test is feeding the tail light / parking light / dash lights and not the headlight fuse....
  11. Hello, My 79 620 dashlight/front and rear parking/running side marker light circuit has a problem. I have a spare headlight switch which I swapped already and that wasn't the problem. Have a continuity tester. It is somewhere between the headlight switch output and the pigtail that exits under the passenger side of the seat. The turn signals, stoplights work at the pigtail but not the running lights. I removed the fuse feeding the headlight switch and ran a temporary 'backfeed' through the hood lamp switch to feed and test the circuit. All of the lights all work, dash instruments and knobs as well as all of the front and rear parking and side marker lights. Anyone have a clue where the disconnection I should be looking for may be...?
  12. Mitchell

    Gas Tank

    Hello, For anyone interested, I took a chance and purchased the Dorman 576-808 Gas Tank, aka Spectre NS4 (listed for a 83-86 720) and it did fit in a 1979 Datsun 620 Regular Cab Longbed without modification. Bolted right in. But in the process of renewing all of the 1/4" fuel lines, Note: 2 of the original lines were just a little short because the outlet came out of the tank straight instead of at a 90, but planned to replace those lines anyway, a minor inconvenience. This new tank ended up about the same cost as a POR 15 kit, plus another can needed to seal one of these roughly,17 us gallon tanks...
  13. Mitchell

    Gas Tank

    Does anyone know if this will work in a 79 620 long bed regular cab... https://autoplicity.com/3686519-dorman-576-808-fuel-tank?gclid=CjwKEAjw_uvHBRDUkumF0tLFp3cSJACAIHMYTSQG5bFB8v7Jp2Z4y3BrtObeIJ6Ocz-qy535OfV47BoC3rTw_wcB
  14. At least now it is and easy fix, Sort of, that is if the bent valve situation was bad enough in the beginning to have even needed to be done. I guess we'll never know. But running excellent now and again thanks so much for all of the help through this.
  15. Eureka! Mike you were right. After all of this, it ended up just being my distributor cap. I know I feel like an idiot, but at least admit to it. After doing exactly what you said, placing the timing light on each wire, #2 wasn't getting any fire. So fortunately I had a set of spare old wires, cap and a rotor. 1st Swapped the plug wire to #2, then tried swapping the cap and that was all that was wrong. Again thanks so much for the advice!!! Appreciate your patience...
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