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  1. DubCurtis

    1972 521 carb problems

    I agree it looks nice, just not exactly the look I want. It's probably sacreligous to mess up a good paint job when it's not necessary
  2. DubCurtis

    1972 521 carb problems

    Thanks.... I'll get some more pictures posted at some point. I was ready to purchase a Weber when this lil orange bb fell out of god knows where. Now it seems to run like a champ! Mike im sorry if you felt that was unfair. I sent 2 separate emails after a warning came up saying "you don't have permission to do that" from the contact an administrator link on that page. Was trying to be patient, but was looking for answers, and had searched everything related to this, tried all the remedies suggested, and had hit the end of my rope.
  3. DubCurtis

    1972 521 carb problems

    We have reindexed the torsion bars, 3in lowering blocks in the rear, new plugs, wires, fuel filter, oil change. Took the carb apart about 8o times. Getting kind of good at at. Just did a home made headliner. Working on a plan to get rid of the blue or white or both. A little bright for my tastes
  4. DubCurtis

    1972 521 carb problems

  5. DubCurtis

    1972 521 carb problems

    Man, I was just looking for some help... any help. Our thinking was ,"hey I have a 521, maybe we could post in that forum asking for help, and if not, then maybe they could directed us to where to go from there. Both my friend had registered, and he was able to post the first part of this tread, then was unable to post any more. My original log in would not allow me to post either. I Emailed the "Admins" several times and have yet to hear anything. I had to create a new log in just so i could post. From what i have read through this forum, i I thought it would be a close knit community willing to help out fellow owners. Kind of sad it didn't work out that way.
  6. DubCurtis

    1972 521 carb problems

    Well I have come to the realization that my issue has been remedied. Just wanna throw out a Quick thanks to everyone who replied. I don't think my buddy and I couldn't have figured it out on our own. Thanks to the TWO OF U who replied. Kinda of a drag our problem was one that your other fellow ratsuners didn't feel the need to share their knowledge. What an awesomely welcome we have received.
  7. DubCurtis

    1972 521 carb problems

    Hello all! I am the buddy that has been referred to in this post. First a lil bout the truck. Just bought it in a semi-restored state. Ran pretty decent when I got it except that it started, idled, ran for about 5 minutes perfectly. When I would drive it would run for a few blocks then would start bogging down to the point of dying if I didn't let off the throttle. Replaced spark plugs, wires, fuel filter. Check timing, dizzy, points and all looked good. Continues to bog. Took the carb off, cleaned it up, checked the accelerator pump, jets and nozzles for blockage and it was all good. Until we tipped the carb after taking the primary jet out and a small yellow bb fell out. Checked the diagrams and verified that any place that had a bb, did. It all did. Put it back together and so far 4 out of 4 times driving it hasn't bogged out. So my question is, where could of said bb come from???? Like my buddy said, we are both Somewhat new to tinkering on carbs and what not, coming from the world of awd fuel injected, boosted, computer controlled cars. The learning curve here has begun and I wanted to say thanks to everyone posting on this forum. Without this forum I would have not known where to start. The brass butterfly valve has been reinstalled and is working properly, so mental note was made to never do that again. Pics will be posted soon!

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