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    t's about time to move on from this project and find a better home for it. 1969 Datsun 519 Wagon. Car runs and drives but will need some finishing touches before it's road ready. It has a ka24de dual cam motor from a 90's 240sx swapped into it with a 5 speed trans. Interior is fairly incomplete. It has all the seats and door panels. Will need carpet and headliner. Dash is in rough shape. Wiring will need to be finished, I only had it hooked up for test drives. Glass is all in good condition, but the rubber will need to be replaced. Body is relatively strait, no major flaws. The rear has 3 inch lowering blocks and air shocks. Front has 280zx struts, springs, and brakes. The KA runs well. It has headers and a custom 2.5 inch exhaust. Battery has been relocated to the trunk area. If you have any questions just call or text. Not in a hurry to sell so please no low ballers. Looking to get 6500 obo. Car is located in Bakersfield, CA Call or text 661-333-0785


    Bakersfield - US

  2. OK so I need to buy two high beam lights?
  3. Ok guys, my wiring issus are pretty much the only thing left keeping me from registering and driving my wagon and im getting really frustrating. I have never been very good at wiring, I can follow a diagram and thats about it. The car is a 1969 510 wagon with a ka24de. The only things ive been able to get goin so far is the hazard lights and tail lights. First off I need help with the headlights. Are these the stock headlights? passenger side: Drivers side: Someone said that the high beams are supposed to have 3 prongs, in which case I would have 4 lowbeam lights? I would like to update the headlight wiring using two of the bosh style relays. Through my searching I have learned that the stock wiring uses ground switching wich causes some issues. Is there a diagram that I can follow that will show me how to do this, keep in mind the car never had the stock headlight relay so I will have to delete it. Second issue: I need to resolve is wiring in the ka alternator. The stock voltage regulator was also cut out when I got the car but I have a diagram and know which wires go where. What I need to know is which wires are which from the KA alternator. There are four wires: a black one(obviously the ground), a larger white one(battery terminal?), a smaller white/red one(no idea), and one that comes off the ring terminal that I think was yellow but not sure because the wire broke off( no idea). Last question about the alternator wiring: can I/should I hook up the stock charge light wire to the KA alternator and if so to which wire do i hook it? Third Issue: I cant get the turn signals to work either, I think this may be due to the turn signal switch. The stick for the switch broke off and when i shove it in to use the turn signals it turns really hard so I think the switch is bad. Fourth issue: Also cant get the brake lights to go. I am almost positive I have the right leads going to the brake light switch cause ive gone through the diagram a million times but I could be wrong. However the harness says that the brake light switch gets a green and yellow wire from the steering collumn switch which It has, and a green and red wire from the hazard flasher switch which I couldnt find. So i went through all the leads from the hazard switch and tracked them all to their right spot and I only had one wire left over and it was a green and yellow one as well so I hooked it to the brake light switch to see what happens and nothing. It also struck me as odd that the only part of the diagram that has the wrong wire colors has been the hazard flasher switch but its the only thing that is working. Anyway here is what my brake light switch looks like, does this look right? PS: I know its not the bulbs because they flash with the hazards. Ok last question. I went ahead and relocated the battery to the back because the PO cut out the battery tray during the ka swap. I have a junction box on the firewall where I hooked the starter and fuse box into and plan on hooking the alternator into. Someone told me that I should put in a circuit breaker for safety so I went and bought one. Is this the type of circuit breaker I need and do I put it next to the battery in the back or up on the firewall before the junction box or after the junction box? Sorry for the long post, any and all help is greatly appreiciated!
  4. That would be awesome. Thanks! :thumbup:
  5. unfortunately no I think it rubbed off a long time ago. why do you ask?
  6. Still trying to get these headlights working to no avail. I tried to use this diagram and i still get nothing. Could it be that i have all four of my headlights only have two prongs, IE no prong for the ground circuit.
  7. A few weeks ago I went and had my exaust made at a local shop. It's 2.5 inch mandrel bent with a single magnaflow, sounds just how I like it, not to loud at idle but comes alive above 2k rpm. Do have a couple issues with it though. They left a pretty decent size hole by one of the hangers and I had them weld in vband flanges between the header and exaust but I can't get the vbands to stop leaking.
  8. So I got these for my birthday today and decided I'd throw them on. These things are awsome. Nice and firm. The only complaint I have is they give you cheap ass plastic air valves, I dont see them holding up to long. Got them both in, then relized the air line would be hitting the exaust on the drivers side so I flipped it around and it was good to go!
  9. well aperently I have 4 brights then lol
  10. Ha Ha yea I figured it wasn't going to be possible to have a short intro. I was out in the garage for about 4 hours today trying to get the headlights going to no avail. There was no head light relay when we got the car so I am trying to convert it to use two bosh style relays but I can't find a definitive wiring diagram showing how to do it. First question are the stock head lights supposed to have two or three prongs mine have two however the connector has three slots :confused: So far on the wiring I have been able to get working: -hazard flashers in back, only driver side in front( accept when I turn the right turn signal on then both fronts flash) -Tail lights - no turn signals yet( I think the signal switch is kaput) I hear these are hard to come by
  11. Hello everyone, I'll try to make this introduction short cause long posts suck. Anyway, my name is Jordan im from central CA, bakersfield, to be exact. I have been lurking on this site for a long time, figured its about time I post my project as I have a lot of questions that the search button just cant help me with. First off the car is a 1969 510 wagon. The car was originally bought by my best friend, Johan(french name, hence the build title) about 7 or 8 years ago, He picked it up and we slowly worked on it for a while. Well almost two years ago Johan passed away, RIP buddy. His parents were nice enough to sign the car over to me so I could keep the project going. Im a full time student so it has been hard for the last few years to find time to work on it, however I will be graduating this june and have finally started to get this thing back in motion. When we got the car it was a complete mess, well it still is, but its getting there slowly. The number one thing that is giving me issues is the wiring. I can do almost anything I need to do on cars as I grew up around them and have had a few other projects but wiring has always been my kryptonite. So I will be turning to Ratsun for help. I absolutely love this board, everyone here seems very helpful and just all around genuine people. Anyway less talk more oics! The first oic is from when I first brought the car to my house after it was signed over to me. The rest of the oics will be a photodump of everything in my photobucket, not necessarily in order. I will update as I go with more oics and lots of questions! The PO started the KA swap but didnt finish it: PO also cut about half of the stock wiring harness out of the wagon so wiring has been a PITA My old 240sx daily: KA that I built for the 240 then sold:
  12. This car is so great. :thumbup: I can't believe your clearing 8's in the back, im having the hardest time fitting 15x7 +0, any tips?
  13. Are those riken's? I really like meshies on goons, I may have to get a set some day.
  14. flipped the bottom leaf and added some 3" blocks made by justjoel. Next up is some serious tunnel surgery and air shocks.
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