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    1. bananahamuck
    2. Draker


      I mean, I gotta advertise it, I'll put it in the case and it will sit there for a year. It's not like I've got people coming in here looking to buy a can/am box ever day.

  2. Yeah I have a bunch of wiring boxes as of now.

    1. hbfreak


      How much for one?

  3. Yes, I still build them. I've just been super busy moving and trying to get a car done for Canby.

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    2. leonardo2800


      im ready to just say the word

    3. datsun19


      how can i get one for my ka24 that i am putting in my 510 and how much $

    4. StrtchdKHL620


      Also Interested in buying an "easy wiring box." Sorry for adding to the request list, I'm assuming your still busy. Please Pm me with info when you are less busy with other stuff. Again Sorry for the disturbance. Later on.

  4. Thanks for keeping an eye on my rigs!!!! I can't believe someone was trying to steel the battery out of my truck!! Yeah that street sucks for parking cars. My roommates honda has been broke into like 5 times.

  5. I'll check it out!

  6. about 10 minutes ago :)

  7. Still under my desk. Tomorrow I promise!

  8. Shit your just as good of a fabricator as I am.

  9. Sorry about the delay guys. My computer decided to die. I'm actually writing this from my buddies IPad which is pretty bitchen! Maybe I'll have to get me one of these :)

  10. Everyday so far I have made a shipment including tomorrow. So it should get there soon. Sorry I'm not more specific, hopefully it was one I did earlier this week :)

  11. I stopped doing the tracking numbers because it got overwhelming. I haven't had any problems with anyone receiving one yet.

  12. It's a good thing I like wiring, the gobstopper car has SO many wiring issues!!!

    1. MicroMachinery


      I'll take it off your hands if it's too much of a headache ;)

    2. fryanbacon


      I wish you liked wiring in Idaho!

  13. So you're saying there's a chance.

  14. Yeah Thomas and I started the page a few years ago (wow how time flies). The NWDE page was a piece of shit and there wasn't really any other forums for truck and car guys. I love my 510's but my datto love goes beyond them unlike some 510 guys. So we thought a new sight with some decent forum software would be a great place to hang out :D Lately I haven't had enough time to hangout here and read as much as I would like but I still surf it a few times a day :D


    I like that picture to!!! HAHA That was 2 Canby's about, Carter took that picture. It was only the second day that car was on the street. In the front it has stock struts shortened with zx inserts, with stock springs cut a bit. The rear I have a set of the yellow springs which weren't cut. The ride quality was damn nice but the front even with shortened struts still bottomed out from time to time. So the plan is to get even shorter inserts when it goes back together this time! :D :Yeah low!

  15. You can use it for sure! I don't mind anyone making stickers, emblems, or even shirts. I'm not exactly sure of the font. Thomas may know what it is. I think he also has a very good version of the logo.


    Send me pics when you get it done :D

  16. I would find a direct replacement engine, switching from an L to most likely a A15 won't be fun.

  17. Did you try PM'n Thomas? I don't think I have it anymore.

  18. Yeah dude feel free to start a thread, that would be fun to go down, Maybe we can get a bunch of datto guys down there :D

  19. That Fucker borrowed 50 bucks from me and never paid it back!!!!! Wow NWDE was full of all kinds of weird dudes!!

  20. THe shirt is awesome!!!!


    Yeah I don't know if we have any key's though, do you have a certain L pulley you want? the 2 or one grove?

  21. It should fit perfect!!! I've done that swap a few times and had no problems. Besides the mount.

  22. The dogleg should fit in the 521 with the stock DL. Was the truck originally a J series truck? Does it have a 2 piece DL or one?

  23. I will see if me and frank have time to pick it up soon :D

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