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  1. wants a chili-cheese dog!!!

  2. "We Will Rape the Horses and Ride off on the Women" ( What movie is this from ? ) Blazing saddles i believe
  3. thats hilarious! i thought it was because these guys were preparing for a career in the plumbing business, but I guess i could be wrong
  4. still tossing around ideas for my truck...I plan on hitting it first of the year. anyhow, I am looking for posts or pics of a body drop progress. not sure if I am going this route, but just considering. I bought this truck just to learn some old school kustomizing tricks, but the more i mess with it, the more I really like it. going to do a sketch of some ideas as soon as I get time to sit down and do it, I will post them and get opinions. thanks y'all!
  5. all 6 lug 1/2 ton chevy truck wheels fit...2 wd up to 71, and 1/2 ton 4x4s up to the mid eighties...my 81 K/10 wheels fit fine on a datsun
  6. how in the world did I miss this thread!?! this is freaking awesome!!! cant wait to see some more progress man! I have a set of pot-o-walls hanging at my dads shop...not sure how they will look on a 620 though.
  7. I cant believe I am just finding this thread! This car is freaking AWESOME!!!
  8. lukey

    organ donor

    i think a little bondo and some touch up paint...we might be able to fix her up!
  9. So I am getting redy to really hit my 620 and get this project rolling! first of all, I need to raise the front a bit (yes, RAISE!) which way do I crank the torsion bars, and how do I crank them? Also, somebody on here sells front disc brake caliper brackets...do these allow me to use stock rotors and calipers, do I have to machine my spindles, or is this a direct swap? thanks guys and gals! And yes, when I get rolling I will be posting pics on my own thread.
  10. picked up some tires for it (gonna try to get the wheels painted next weekend) got the front clip (wheelwells and ratiator support) removed...going with a 1 piece tilt front end, so it all had to go. gonna start my own thread soon. Oh yeah, bought a shop manual for it a cheap book store this afternoon. Best $3.00 investment yet!
  11. man, that truck is awesome...cant wait to actually start on mine. thanks for the updates, keeps people like me from loosing sight of my goals.
  12. rubbed on her just a little bit, you know, that sexy little body line on the door....oh yeah!
  13. drive to illinois and pick up a FREE L20B and 4 speed....I am tired of tripping over it (or maybe I am just a clutz)
  14. definately ugly, but the work involved is commendable. I say swap the frontend back to a mildly customized stocker and repaint and DRIVE!!!!!
  15. lukey

    New Kid

    you keeping the caps on the wheels? the truck is awesome man! cant wait to see the finished ride.
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