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    1972 Datsun 510 4Dr, 2004 Nissan 350z, 1993 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3
  1. Charliebay510

    Just Joined.

    Sorry for the late upload of the pictures, but there it is. Been busy getting my 510 to run. Every time I search Mike is always there. Props to you sir. Actually gonna follow what you said at a post i search that I have similar problems with. Since mine is like this right now
  2. Charliebay510

    Just Joined.

  3. Charliebay510

    Just Joined.

    wow good stuff how'd i miss this one. Thanks mike!
  4. Charliebay510

    Just Joined.

    yes i will get some oics up for everyone, but might of already seen it since i got it from a member on this from actually
  5. Charliebay510

    How do you support your Datsun habit?

    My wife told me i can use the overtime pay on my datto. slow days would be 20hrs of OT and busy season would be 40-50+ of OT. worth it. and hello to all btw.
  6. Charliebay510

    Just Joined.

    Hello Guys, Decided to join the forum since Im pretty much on this forum digging for info. Also because I finally got my own 71 510 sedan now. A lot of good information and I am already finding discussions related to what I need. Just wanted to say good job and many thanks to all the info on here. One other thing, I have lost most of what i book marked on my computer so any good reads and info would be appreaciated. I know a lot of it is already pinned so I dont need those. There is a pinned thread of "Electrical" of almost all the datsun years and make of wiring diagrams. but they dont work anymore...anyone else have another link to that?

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