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  1. bigred

    d21 front suspension into a 720...?

    Since it being nissan and all... hope I'm not going to be kiked out of the forum.... Its a 720 though:D I love this forum guys!
  2. bigred

    d21 front suspension into a 720...?

    Its a Nissan TD27 natural aspirated 2.4l diesel (the same engine also comes in a TD version) . Its common in later nissan cabs in this part of the world. the rig is a '83 model which originally came with a SD25 motor. Its my daily ride and do some offroading as well.
  3. hey guys! New to the forum...:D I've recently got a 720 cab but it has some issues with the front suspension. was wandering if the front suspension from a d21(freely awailable here) would swap into the 720. both sure look simmilar!! I'm thinking of swapping the entire steering assembly+diff+upperand lower arms. has anybody done this... do u think it might be do able??:confused:

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