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  1. will you ship the head to san diego?
  2. Yeah, I only gained 3mpg with the 5 speef
  3. I've decided to sell it; it's on cl, it just doesn't FIT me, I was a much smaller guy the last b I had. $2000 with the parts car
  4. Guy came into work with a 2jz swapped Volvo brick. Wish I would've had my phone with me....
  5. That and the B210 used the brakes from the 510; a bigger, heavier car
  6. Mine has some light rust there, my taillight leaks when it rains and the rear window leaked as well
  7. Check the seal around your tailights; you'll get more rainwater from them than the trunk seal
  8. Exhaust pipe was probably pointing up behind the bumper
  9. I'm surprised by the people that want you to drive a car you're selling across a state so they can look at it.... "I'm not driving three hours so you can inspect it." "Well, I guess you don't really want to sell it then." "Guess not....." Click.
  10. Hmmmm maybe...... Arguably, the '75 is the best year IMHO. Suspension bits stronger, bigger radiator, bigger rear axle, no cat hump on the floor, smaller bumpers that "fit" the car, honeycomb grille. I'd want a 2dr sedan over my coupe; the roofline is 1-2" taller across the board
  11. I'd trade my coupe for a sedan
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