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  1. 195sRFast

    WTB L16 Oil Pan From Truck

    Did you get the pan and the oil pickup yet?
  2. Can you measure the compression in the cylinders? Thanks
  3. 195sRFast

    parts for sale

    How much for the carb shipped to California, 92036? Thanks
  4. 195sRFast

    $120 L16 for sale

    Have you checked compression in the cylinders? If not, can you? If numbers are good, I'll contact you to come by. I am in Julian.
  5. 195sRFast

    Datsun L series parts

    You still have parts for sale? Thanks
  6. 195sRFast

    Machine Shops in San Diego

    Thanks for the info. I thought re-building an engine was a project. As Steve Martin would say, Well excuuuuuuuse me.
  7. 195sRFast

    over 2000 nos Datsun parts (70s/80s)

    I'm going to be rebuilding both a L-16 and a L-20B engine. What parts do you have and what are the prices. Thanks
  8. 195sRFast

    Machine Shops in San Diego

    Looking to have some machining done in San Diego county, what shops do you like?
  9. 195sRFast

    coming back from Oregon down the 5

    We are in Albany
  10. We will be coming down the 5 from Oregon all the way to San Diego if you guys need any parts, engines, etc. picked up we will have room just cant bring a chassis. E-mail phone number to 195sRFast@gmail. Contact quickly as I am going to make a fast run to pick up one or two trucks.
  11. 195sRFast

    521 Truck won't keep running

    No the plate is not closed. The carb looks like it might be missing some pieces but I don't know what pieces are missing, since I have only used the stock Hitachi. Will try to post pics tomorrow.
  12. 195sRFast

    521 Truck won't keep running

    It was the ballast resistor the black/red wire running from the coil to the resistor wasn't hooked up. The plastic sleeve that covers the connector made it seem like it was pushed on all the way but the connector wasn't touching the resistor at all. Now runs fine except a whine coming from the Weber carburetor. thanks for the help. SM
  13. 195sRFast

    521 Truck won't keep running

    My 1970 Datsun pickup wasn't running so I put in a new engine in with a matchbox dizzy. Now the truck will start when and run but only if you hold the key in the on position. When you let go of the key the engine turns off. Any ideas?
  14. 195sRFast

    521 Brake master cylinder

    Does anyone have a Brake Master Cylinder or rebuild kit for a 521. I just bought a 521 in Bend Oregon and wondering if anyone in Bend, Redmond, Albany, Lapine or surrounding area has a Brake Maser Cylinder or rebuild kit for sale.
  15. 195sRFast

    Truck undercoating

    Thanks for all the info. One question, what the deuce is por15?

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