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  1. ah_nutzzz

    4Sale 1971 240Z

    It's been stored off-site for 18 years. As I recall, the hood, front bumper and grill are all good. The rearend was very solid. The rot was in the normal places floor boards, battery area under the hood, etc. matching vins and title. I'll drive over and take some pictures. GA's a bit of a hike. The SCCA runoffs are at Road America this fall. Best, Andy
  2. ah_nutzzz

    4Sale 1971 240Z

    I scanned these from old negatives. :) I can be contacted at 920-892-6335... I really don't want to haul to a scrap yard. Perhaps I'll get the bug again this weekend at the Road & Track Concours d'Elegance at Road America. Thanks, Andy
  3. ah_nutzzz

    4Sale 1971 240Z

    I am parting with an old friend. I've owned this 1971 Datsun 240Z since the late 70's. I haven

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