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  1. I haven’t had the motor rebuilt. I did have the cylinder head worked on months ago, the smoke started recently. I check the oil today it’s at the full mark and looks like new oil. ill check that gasket, it is mainly on the passenger side where it leaks, the driver side pocket gets very little. I’ll have to look under that cowl.
  2. My truck still has the CA cat converter and it’s only a few years old so I don’t really use the zddp nor do I use those expensive additives, anymore anyway. I got a good look at the puff of smoke from the exhaust, it is a bluish tint so I’d guess that was oil. It’s not a massive puff but more like the thickness of water vapor in the morning cold. I also think it has a black tint in there as well so I’ve been trying to dial in the carb slowly. on a separate issue, anybody with one of these trucks ever see water come in where the speakers would be? I can’t quite narrow down
  3. Oh wow you’re talking about windings and everything.... yeah that’s a rebuild alright. And that’s a good fart fan to last that long.
  4. Yes all too often, it’s why I try to get them rebuilt. Too bad the guy I went to cracked the alternators front cover getting the bearing out. Fricken brute.
  5. http://nwde.ratsun.net/nwde/archive/3605.htm mike klotz with a beautiful hinge pin bushing repair. Dorman part# 38397. I might try this. Although it was on a car I think they would work on the 620.
  6. Any news on this or did you give it away? I say remove the pennies plugging the holes you made and pressure test it.
  7. I just changed my oil yesterday. I went from a 10w-40 full synthetic to 10w-40 dino oil if you will. I’m hoping it’s still cleaning itself out but it’s never smoked as long as I’ve had it.
  8. It’s not sweet, I’m leaning more towards acidic or oily.
  9. I’m worried about the smoke from the exhaust. It seems pretty pronounced today. It doesn’t smell sweet. I’m not sure what it smells like really. It just smells burnt.
  10. Based on temps on the chart I’d probably be ok doin a 5-30 or 10-30 in the winter if I’m driving the truck and a 10-40 or 15-40 for summer.
  11. So here’s what I did. I adjusted the valve lash, they were a bit tight. Like .006” and .008” tight. My fault for not checking after machine shop work. Changed plugs, put my ngk wire set back on and took the autozone brand wires back. It runs like it should. No shakes, completely still. I bought some 10-40 stp dino oil and a mobil filter and I’ll have to change that tonight after work. mike that plug suggestion was spot on even though they were all extremely dirty. Hainz the wire pulling was a good method of troubleshooting. Thanks to both of you for suggesting the valve lash adj
  12. I used to run the 15-40 rotella. So switch back to it? What 10-30 are you using? I was thinking a synthetic would be good ONLY because I had to drive the truck through the winter. I see the seepage though and I agree with you on it getting past seals. New seals even. What’s your opinion on that FR3 friction additive? Hot shots brand maybe?? Snake oil? It’s like $20 for a little bottle and way thin. The zddp replacement (not the Lucas brand) additive is also very thin and very expensive. Also snake oil?
  13. Today I actually noticed some smokiness coming out of the tail pipe after I had the plug wires sorted out. Couldn’t tell if it was white or blue. This was on a little throttle up while working the carb. I have lost coolant from my overflow bottle, but it was the cap that was leaking. Right now the radiator is up to the neck and I haven’t been adding coolant.
  14. Yeah good call, that plug looked nasty. In fact they all do. Looks like my choice of synthetic oil is not a good one. I’ll have to switch to a conventional possibly? I’ve been running 10-40 mobil1. What oil do you guys run in your l-series?
  15. Well when I was dropped off at where we carpool, I started the engine, let it warm up a little and then started with checking plug wires. Sure enough cylinder 3 is the culprit. Here’s what’s odd to me.... when I pull the wire and then get it close enough to make contact with the arc only, it runs fine. When I fully seat the plug wire it goes to shit. I looked at my wire set really well and figured there must be a hairline fracture or something. So I went and picked up a cheap set at autozone just so I could get it home. Well same deal, fully seated it runs like crap, pulling the wire off
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