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  1. I devoted some time last night to opening this relay up, and yeah it’s not functioning like it should. Seems like it’s lost the ability to pull the contractor to the low beam side. In a neutral position it favors the high beam side. It has a little spring that didn’t make a difference wether it was in or out. Anyway I used electrical tape to keep the contact closed in the low beam position. I don’t have any other relays quite like this one. Is there a typical 4pin relay I can substitute this one with??
  2. This is a hard relay to remove from under the dash, I need a short screwdriver or a Phillips/JST tip in a small ratchet type tool ( I have one) I just don’t see how I’m going to get the screws back in the holes. Anyway there is a screw on the face of it, where the plug connects to the spade terminals... mike are you saying take this thing apart carefully and try to sand up the contacts INSIDE?? The 78 does not have the same relay, they are different part numbers, and the wiring was a different color. Mike can you post a picture of the diagram you have? Ah I found one.
  3. General technical, perfect and thank you.
  4. Oh I agree about the car or family vehicle being turn key ready to go. On the dead inventors, think about what and who, more importantly they stood against with these inventions. They were bought out or sabotaged. These things did work but like many of us they lacked the finances to make it happen. When I started this thread I didn’t realize that most of these individuals experimenting with the hot air induction or fuel vapor system got it to work for a short period of time. The leaded gasoline, and the additives in fuel today eventually render this vaporization process useless and the mileage reverts back. Big oil companies bought the patents to these “supercarbs”. The early success was on pure gas or white gas as well. It’s all a what if,food for thought, and have you done it?? maybe a fun project on the said stationary machines, lawnmowers, and snow blowers.
  5. Tom ogle was also someone that dabbled in this but never quite figured out the longevity.
  6. Yeah that’s a good diagram there. When he died he took some key secrets with him to the grave.
  7. Fuel mileage of course, and to prove it can be done, because it’s how it SHOULD be done. Besides I’m a nerd and this blows my mind. Gas vapors burn, liquid gas does not. The additives in today’s fuel may not let this method work for long though. Propane? Sure. yes that’s the principle idea, or thermal catalytic cracking, vaporize the gas so the carb pulls in a vapor not the liquid. There is no longer a need for a big carb, hence the small one. It’s a world saving idea long suppressed. Think about the emissions that aren’t in the equation. However big oil companies lose money so.....
  8. I had an idea on this after thinking for a few days. You could probably tee off your fuel line into a container and vent that into the pcv or unmetered into the intake manifold directly with some sort of back flash screen. Of course I have other issues to tackle on my 620 currently before taking on any tinkering projects, I think this could be a way.
  9. If you could pre heat the fuel on a cold day, or have an injector throttle in some extra fuel when cold...... a reliable set up would require some vast ingenuity to run in my type of climate.
  10. I’ve heard of the pogue.....it’s why I started this conversation. you know I’m not sure “where” to move this to......
  11. I actually posted this in the wrong section, could I get some help on relocating it to a proper category?
  12. Has anybody ever tried creating a system that could run an L-series on fuel vapor alone? I’ve seen some YouTube setups, and have read about numerous inventions that were snuffed out. Seems like an efficient way to go if certain safety measures were involved.
  13. It seems like the relay does click every time the switch is activated. Yesterday I tried getting under the hood of the 78 to grab it’s relay to see if that would fix the issue and was ran off by some wasps. I took care of that nest this morning so I’ll try again when I get home. well that extra relay was a dud..... it causes the hi beams to come on instantly and stay on regardless of hi beam switch position.
  14. Yes I hear it, and feel the click when I hold the relay.
  15. It takes some flickering on the hi beam selector to get them to come on now, but there is 12v from red and white to ground WHEN I get the hi beam to come on.
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