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  1. Thanks to everyone that came out for the sale! Everything is gone cept for 2 4 spds, 3 ST wheels and a 720 hitch!

  2. Datsun rummage sale is updated & on CL, get the goods before the rest!

  3. No one wants 3 free 720 ST wheels? Going to the scrapper in two weeks 😞

  4. FUCK Ford V-8's 

  5.  bananahamuck, I already think you are badass, and then a guy buying a matchbox off me gushes about you! Level=epic!

    1. bananahamuck


      That's surprising,,,  most want to hit me over the head with a stick..  




    2. bastardo


      just because we want to club you doesn't mean we don't love you

  6. 85' 720 resto progress: upper drivers side fire wall cancer clean out led to fender wall cancer, YAY!

  7. Every Datsun Leaks into the passenger cabin, Change my mind!

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    2. MikeRL411


      Fortunately the 410 and 411 plenum is easy to clean.  2 screws and the slotted cover comes off.  Volkswagen heater hook up hose will direct the water to the ground and prevent any exhaust leaks from  entering the cabin.

    3. Icehouse


      My coupe doesn't leak any water.  My tan car leaked so bad it made a pool deep enough to short out my ECU under my seat.  End result was me finally getting around to swapping the turbo motor in.   So not a total loss. 


    4. MikeRL411


      I posted a fix for leaky windscreen rubber a long time ago.  Use search.   RTV, sharp razor blade [or Xacto] and white vinegar.

  8. What year 720 4x4 is the best?

    1. datzenmike


      They're all good. The '80 was the last year for the L20B so if you like L series get an '81. "81 and '82 are Z22 engines with a bit more torque. '83 and up have the largest Z24 gas engine and only came with 5 speeds. They all have the same transmissions, differentials and transfer cases so none are stronger than the others.. I like the look of the '85 grill so '85 for me. The ST option is a dress up truck with lots of comfort options like electric windows, sun roof.

  9. Any difference in mid eighties 720 oil pans rwd vs 4x4? Z24...

    1. datzenmike


      Yes indeed!!! 2wd were like any other truck oil pan deeper in the middle to allow steering cross link to pass across the front, more or less like the 520/521 and 620. Z series engine 4X4s had a differential hump in the way so it was offset to the right for clearance.  Note below that this is an L20B 4x4 oil pan and they were offset to the left side, but you get the idea.



    2. Logical1


      Well fuck me, Have been prepping for a KA24DE (frontier rear sump) Swap into an 85' 720 4x4. However This pretty much derails me as all the shops I work at ( I am a event scenery fabricator) are closed do to Covid bullshit. Anybody interested in a frontier KA with under 40k on the clock, lol! 

  10. $200 for an aluminium intake flange cnc cut?  I did all the cad work and sent it to a local shop. Seems high...

    1. datzenmike


      Intake flange or the entire intake???

    2. Logical1


      Just the flange I traced and rendered for a ka24de. I was going to weld up my own intake but I am looking into full fabbing prices of a custom intake now...

  11. 2001 Frontier ka24de oil pickup tube is over $100!?!?! wtf are they made of, unobtanium?

    1. alexg89
    2. datzenmike


      I get $30 CDN for 2wd and 4wd.

    3. Logical1


      I checked rockauto first: $120, then the standard parts places online, napa ect even ebay and they were all over $100. Thanks to Alexg89, he sent me that link to one for $38. Still blown away by the price, it is galvanized steel.. basically a piece of bent conduit!

  12. Single Weber 32/36 on a Ka24de? 

    1. datzenmike


      Probably ok, slightly vanilla. The Z24 uses a 34/38 barrel carb. I would say get a weber 38/38 but don't care for the synchronous opening. Too performance oriented. If only it were progressive or vacuum secondary.

  13. Picked up a like new Z24 steel valve cover at the yard for $12 So stoked to use the rubber gasket over rtv!

  14. Quick question: are all napz head gaskets the same? I have a 84'mileage option 2.0 and need a new head gasket... ASAP!

    1. Logical1


      BTW Also putting a head off a 81' napz 2.2l on it if that makes any diff.

    2. mhub91


      2.2 and 2.4 are identical gaskets.


      unsure about Z20S/Z20E

  15. I am a decent carb tech, did my best on my 84' 720 4x4 carb, still sucked. slapped a new weber on, MY GOD ITS ALIVE!

    1. banzai510(hainz)


      sometimes they just plane wear out. new is ezer

  16. Anyone have a link to the old Datsun engine builder app? is it still up?

  17. Cant find Rings for SD22, Sad Datto Diesel :(

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    2. nismo dr

      nismo dr

      they are located at the top of the piston

    3. Doctor510
    4. datsunaholic




      Nissan Part # 12033-37500. Standard bore (12036-37500 is 0.5mm over). Industrial supply places seem to have them, pretty pricey.


  18. getting some alum ka24de intake flanges cut, anyone else interested?

  19. Thanks for the epic deal on the flywheel and clutch!...You know who you are :)

  20. Thoughts on the cheaper engine to re-build (mechanically only) these days? - 4cyl L series or KA24DE?

    1. Busta Nut

      Busta Nut

      L is cheaper....

    2. r0p0doe


      I wanna say a Ka but he's probably right

    3. Uber Deaf One

      Uber Deaf One

      My entire KA rebuild (including cost of engine) cost me $800-900.

  21. Thoughts on the cheaper engine to re-build (mechanically only) these days? - 4cyl L series or KA24DE?

  22. Harvest Day! mmmMMMmmm I love me some Romulan women ;)

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    2. EastBay521


      my whole house smells of purple. ever try the ozium tubs?do they work

    3. Sealik
    4. Pumpkn210
  23. Looking for any decent 4cyl L-series engine in the Puget Sound area. No Leno prices... ;)

  24. Huge thanks to Bananahammock for hosting me while I replaced my fuel filters with my teeth!

  25. Let the hate begin Seattleites: I picked up the 81 720 diesel ;)

    1. EastBay521
    2. wayno


      What engine does it have?

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