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  1. Wow looking really really good.Cant wait to see it finished
  2. got the wheels today will try to post some pictures of it tomorrow.Am i happy
  3. mrbigtanker

    rear bumpers

    I emailed them and never got a response back so just got my original ones re chromed cost alot more but worth it in the long run.sorry you did not get what you wanted its hard buying overseas alot of good people out there, but you dont know what your really getting until it gets to you.
  4. Another one saved.Seems like the 521 is the Datsun to own these days.Great score truck looks good.
  5. John theres a place called Mazda trix in Signal hill,Ca.Check there website if you dont know them i can even maybe pick up the parts you need.
  6. Looks good Al.I will try to stop by tomorrow to check it out.
  7. Wow that looks good.More pics please need to see rotary for are viewing pleasure.
  8. Keep up the good work.And your legs are hot.haha
  9. Looks good i like it alot.
  10. Got the new dual master cylinder in.Front brake cables are almost ready and the one rear and then start dropping the motor back in.I hope in a few weeks or sooner.
  11. mrbigtanker

    like crack...

    Your crazy.Keep up the good work it will look good when its done im sure.Im almost done fuel,brake lines some electrical and drop motor in.Now i want to put a V-8 in her and tubb the rear.I tell you when does this ever end.
  12. Wow that is a very nice truck.
  13. Get a rear shot of your truck with the 4" drop.
  14. He's back,how you doing mate from down under.
  15. What i ment to say was more mature people.haha
  16. lets go,get them mounted and lets see the beast.
  17. It was a great time.Met alot of good people saw some old people and i won the 10.00 in-n-out gift certificate.And a FUGU air freshener.
  18. Is it ever going to be finished.Looks good Al
  19. Sounds good.Cant wait to see .
  20. where is the pictures of the side c'mon man i need pictures.
  21. WOW nice truck.I hope you take good care of her.Another fine 521 saved
  22. looking good,get a side shot of the truck with the wheels tucked in there.
  23. Hopefully i can start on it next week.This working everyday thing is for the birds.
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