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  1. his kit is totally worth getting your own bolts.just saying
  2. Did you buy the billet brackets and if so the wilwood is the way to go.i will post pictures of my install i had the other ones and was not really satisfied so i changed it all out again and now i am very very happy.
  3. looks good fix the emblem on the fender.
  4. im sorry bro it is for a datsun i skimmed through it so fast i did not pay attention.
  5. im sorry bro it is for a datsun i skimmed through it so fast i did not pay attention.
  6. Does any one make a plug and play kit?
  7. did you finish the back brackets yet.
  8. looks way better as a lowered truck versus 4x4.
  9. old atk with the rotax engine and that yamaha looks good to and dont worry about a helmet ive been riding for years and all they do is look good on your head and give you a open casket funeral.haha
  10. I have searched but came up empty handed.so here we go,will the hella 5 3/4 non sealed bulbs fit my 1972 521 truck.or does any one have better headlight ideas that just work with no or little modifications. thank you
  11. dett i wanted the glove box lock only.i got no response back from you.but here it is.how much shipped to 92880 and paypal please.again i dont need anything else but the glove box lock.thank you
  12. do the tires come with it or did i miss that.18 are not cheap to bad they dont fit 521's i would goble them up.if it is wheel tire pakage then worth it.good luck with sell
  13. mrbigtanker

    Datsun 521

    looks good Dett
  14. Dett got the rubbers for the vent windows thank you very much.Also do you have just the locking mechanism for the glove box door,if so how much do you want for it and do you have the keys for it. thank you
  15. right on we will do that some time.
  16. mrbigtanker

    L20ET into 620?

    what was said.
  17. im busting your balls.looks good,keep up the good work.
  18. Take out a loan and finish your truck.I dont want to here your money problems.I want to see more pictures of your build.It gives me a chubby.haha WE are almost neighbors you know im up in corona.
  19. its just in there solid Dave.i cut the hole just enough.the only thing i got to do is restrap some wires up under the dash.
  20. mrbigtanker

    my new 521

    looks good i like it alot keep up the good work.
  21. thank you its well worth it.i got home and started my truck just because i wanted to.
  22. i did not i grinded down the tabs with a file and flush mounted it.i thought it would look better.
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