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  1. 5 hours ago, d.p said:

    I had titanium lugs with studs ( bolts stock) on my M3 and didn’t like the look so went back to stock black bolts. 

    doubt they will look bad on your truck. 




    2 hours ago, mainer311 said:

    It’s hard finding nice lug nuts anymore. Everything is just cheap Chinese shit. I snapped a nut in half on the roadster the other night. One of those 3/4” “mag” style with the huge shank because I run old skool Appliance wheels. Junk.

    Dp the lugs are for the coupe or wagon, my truck has of course ARP wheel studs. 


    Mainer yes I hate cheap garbage, not all expensive is good either but normally better.

  2. 4 hours ago, Farmer said:

    Ray, you took 2nd place for Best Datsun Truck, how can this be? Your truck is like amazing. What took first? 

    Thank yo first off but a really clean all original 620 king cab took it. The other 2 awards to me are what count, me and Andrew was chosen as top winners from over 500 cars total. And just the love you get from everyone there.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, wayno said:

    I have never seen it before, but I don't pay attention to stuff like that.

    So if you don’t pay attention then I guess you never seen it. Glad we got that straight. 

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  4. 20 minutes ago, ol' 320 said:

    This picture was in Epstein's art collection. The NY fella who liked to play with the young ones on his private island and elsewhere. Bill was a good friend of Epstein's.


    Say Ray, if the painting comes up for sale, are you gonna bid?

    Already hanging in my house next to a picture of Obama, right by the garbage can. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, ol' 320 said:

    only mentioned you because you have some of the nicest Datsun projects out there, Ray. Didn't mean to offend


    3 hours ago, thisismatt said:

    Ray's always offended 😁

    Not offended just it is the beauty of America buy low sale high.

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  6. And why does my fuck'n name get dragged into this. Im not rich by any means first off just to mention, second I think I show a lot of love and passion for what I try to do by thinking inside but outside the box as well along with having the opportunity to sink a little extra money in not 1 but 3 Datsun's. And profit well if I sell the truck now I can assure you it would be at someones gain and my huge loss. Coupe and wagon little different because people are willing to spend extra on them. And why is Datsun's the so called don't make money off of car/truck. Chevys fords European exotics do it all the time.  

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  7. On 9/14/2019 at 12:20 PM, datzenmike said:



     I hope to never get to the point that I see any Datsun as a commodity or asset. Buying and selling for profit like that is disgusting, but there are people out there like that. I'd rather see my cat go to a good home than take any money for it. Different if it was a $1,500 boat load of bananas no one has any emotional investment in. The only up side to this post is to see some nice pictures of a 521 survivor.

    So if I dump a shit load of money time love into a Datsun, I should just see it go to good home ? I don't think so.

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