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  1. 4 hours ago, d.p said:

    Who or where did you get it from?  That throttle linkage is dope compared to what I got on my duals.  Seems like Wolf Creek racing had these at one time?  Whatever happened to those guys? 

    Yes it is a brand spanking new NOS set from Wolf Creek. It has its build sheet and original box complete ready to bolt up and hook up gas and throttle and go baby go.

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  2. 23 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

    I forget, the new axle you bought. Is it wider or ?


    Slit the tubs near the radius and widen them to fit the huge tires. That's the cleanest look.


    I would use a 3 link instead of a 4 link. but a 4 link can be made to handle well. Most 4 link designs don't account for on throttle oversteer though. Put some triangulation into the links (instead of straight forward), design in some anti squat/dive but make the upper link/links adjustable height, keep your roll center about mid axle using a panhard bar or watts link.



    Send me your truck and I'll build you a custom setup that handles well.

    The guy that's doing is well lets say on another level. It will be triangulated and as for stuffing wider tires I think he has that covered. Im just riding his time. 

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  3. 16 hours ago, d.p said:

    Is that a Mikuni intake as well?  I like the throttle setup but have something completely different on mine.  


    13 hours ago, edekalil said:

    Mine look different too. But I got them way back and probably need some work on them.

    From what I understand its a Nissan comp manifold that was made by Cannon.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Duncan said:


    Well that makes sense.  Never heard that term called mold before 🙂


    I actually like the wire holder, and I think blocking the vent is a bad idea.  But, that's just me...



    You don't need it. It was an emissions thing, you have a block vent already. Or go see John he has a old twist cap cover if you want.

  5. Me too, going after front first to fix and make it right this time, then come up with some game plan for rear. 4 link easy, but want to stuff a meaty tire under the bed and which approach with fuel tank.

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