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  1. 1 hour ago, jbirds510 said:

    Oregons not for profit sector didnt get any real support in comparison to other areas, I think what hes saying is well be doing our part to help stimulate their survival. There are 14 museums on the estate and I plan to give something to each. I dont have a lot of money but I can afford to put 10$ on each and submit the receipt for my taxes next April. I personally feel like its how I can thumb my nose at the political machine who forgot so many places just like PWRLND.


    I was kidding i think he was talking about stimulus money.lol

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  2. 2 hours ago, 68Datsun510 said:

    I agree with @Draker, get a secure donation box and we will no doubt stuff it full with stimmy money to help keep the place open. They accommodated us, so we will help them!

    I dont get Stimmy money though so what do I do. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, jbirds510 said:


    We are a hard Go but theres a catch, the venue is in trouble financially after being shut down for a whole year so they have made a 2 changes, its my understanding that this will only be the case until they stabilize.

    1) they have booked the back 20 acres of the 62 total acres and before anyone asks, its not going to be anything like canby’s double book. They could split this place 5 ways and everyone would still have more room than they could ever need.

    2) they asked me to get a supplemental insurance policy. I will cover this out of pocket so if you guys have a couple extra dollars for the weekend and you wanted to kick in that would be rad. Im not setting a dollar amount because its voluntary and if you dont have it, thats ok! Just come have fun!

    Dude get the total and split the bill. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, d.p said:

    Does anyone know the size of the bung needed for an a/f gauge? Since I am going to get my exhaust done I might as well have them weld a bung for me.  And how far down the exhaust should it go?

    Most exhaust shops will have bungs ready to weld it in. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, mainer311 said:

    I played around with it last night. Cut the battery posts, and managed to get a new clamp to fit by shimming it a little with an extra washer on the post. Also measured the current steering wheel and original steering wheel so that I can find something in between.

    Pics I need pics of said work done on truck.lol

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  6. 3 hours ago, mainer311 said:

    Yeah, I’m not buying anymore of those. They’re stupid expensive. The problem is that the outlet from the pump is a R/A 1/4” barb with an 1/8” BSPT thread...which of course is impossible to find in a 5/16” barb. That leaves me with one 1/4” hose, and 5/16” between the carbs. I only bought clamps for 5/16 hose, so I had to use an old one off of my roadster. This isn’t tanker’s truck. Not everything has to be perfect.

    Has nothing to do with my truck. Yours is clean and nice. Just pointing out some obvious things that are free to fix. Also that’s why I hate the factory fuel pump location electric for me and run fuel line behind with -6 hoses. Is still looks real good. And I don’t have a truck I have. Frame. Lol

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  7. 13 hours ago, mainer311 said:

    ITG’s just came in. This is about as perfect fit as you’ll ever get.



    Looks pretty good. Make a nicer vent hose from valve cover and also turn the firewall clamp around to match the other 2 clamps on fuel line. Also please cut those battery hold down stems/bolts down, as you can see you have plenty sticking up.

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  8. 1 hour ago, john510 said:

    California lost so many citizens (left the state) that we're going to lose a Congressional seat.Great news.Texas gained two seats.

    Yeah but hope to god they don't make Texas go blue. Austin is already fucked in the head as is.

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  9. Do you have the cheesey metal ring on the inside to clip the horn button into. Also the common problem with the horn not working is making sure the contacts on the back side is touching the new adapter. I always pull it out before I install new one the tab that is., its flimsy as hell. 

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  10. 9 hours ago, 4perrev said:

    What are you doing?  Hope you're just painting her and putting her back together.

    Yes sir fixing some small odds and ends all new rubbers, newer fully rebuilt stock rear end.Powder coated and Wilwood's to match the fronts as well.

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