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  1. 1 minute ago, thisismatt said:


    Good thing you broke your ankle and not your credit card finger 😄

    All cash. I own everything. I don’t like bills. Except the new car I might buy. But thats another story.

  2. 2 hours ago, thisismatt said:

    I like how you're putting the goods on even though the truck isn't totally restored 👍

    Why not, I can get more. 

    1 hour ago, Charlie69 said:

    Mr Tanker that is a beautiful truck!  I am shocked to see missing hood rubbers.

    They dryd out. This weather shit don’t last long. 

    19 minutes ago, thisismatt said:

    And eyebrow rubbers 😉


    I had them and don’t were they went. 



    Also just just got another set of rear bumpers. 

  3. 9 hours ago, Duncan said:


    I can do that tomorrow.  I don't think it is a 510 accelerator pedal.  I think it's a transplant from another Nissan.  All three pedals were the same height. 


    Full throttle was possible, but W.O.T. stopped about 3" from the floor.  The adjustable throttle stop on the floor didn't line up with the pedal, either..  They still don't, but the pedal is more comfy on the ankle now.  








    Talk about ankles. Lol

  4. 1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

    Ha ha. Another saved from the dark side. I am heartened, and begin my fight anew against strut braces, poly bushings, fender rolling, hood pins and adjustable coil overs.... and those little blue filters on valve covers..

    I love hood pins. 

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  5. 20 hours ago, Charlie69 said:

    620 hood release cables are available on ebay also.

    I have had the opposite experience Mr Tanker the after market hood release cables are too long for my 520.  But I expected this.

    I would like a little longer. The factory one hangs out or off in left front corner. Drives me crazy. But don’t have that problem no more.

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  6. 2 hours ago, datzenmike said:

    Yes do as you like but if you send both vents there you will be disabling the PCV and your oil will get contaminated/dirtier sooner. Plus producing messy waste that's not necessary, and for no good reason. Datsun street cars simply don't need them and never have. If they did they would have come with them. There is virtually no maintenance with a proper PCV valve system. Why make work, a mess and have to change your oil more often???? Catch cans are often used on a dedicated 'race only car' to keep oil off the track from an exploded engine.  Just like strut braces, torque straps, spoilers and hood pins, a catch can does not make a car, a race car. Don't be that guy. 

    So why can't you run the hose after the pcv valve mike ?  Emissions is one thing and I agree if it's. a stock engine I would just leave it but if he makes him feel good and feel faster what's wrong with that.

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