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  1. 10 hours ago, Rick-rat said:

    You do know that the rubber part of the seal will become brittle if never getting a chance to get some fresh oil from running the engine, or "Heaven Forbid" actually driving it .


    J/K, you know we all love you 

    Cant argue there, its been seeping for a bit now. Just now it is getting worse, but new engine is being built so all temporary anyway.

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  2. 33366856028_1b7425eeca_k.jpgUntitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr


    Ok ok I'm sharing, so I was putting engine bay back together when I decided this would be a good time to cross thread the AN fittings on intercooler. So its getting repaired. It was beyond fixing so cut and re weld. So pissed off right now but oh well. 

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  3. 59 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

    Image result for sassy grass green '70 Dodge Dart 340 swinger


    My new '70 Dodge Dart (identical to the one above but with the A-833 four speed... so no bucket seats either) had a hood package that included dull non reflecting black paint and factory equipped hood pins with clips and lanyards. Yes there were regulation hoof latch and catch mechanisms in place. The hood pins were a 'dress up' item but very high quality. The clips wore away on the chrome bases, but from constant removal and insertion not shaking. I adjusted mine more snugly. The base plate was thick and heavily chrome plated with chrome plated screws.  The blacked out hood was a god send when driving early or late in the day with the sun low on the horizon. The hood pins were a pain in the ass to remove and replace every time you raised your hood. The car was capable of a buck fifty and at that speed and air pressure were useful. I think I was there only a half dozen times. Speeds of 120-130 were countless. 


    I guess under real racing conditions pins would be a very good idea and far better than the latch/lock that it comes with. Without the stock latch it would be very fast to remove but a little slow to latch. Street car??? no, not needed at all except for looks and I would keep the pull cable hood latch for security reasons.  

    Looks good. No cables just spring loaded. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Rick-rat said:

    To be able to eat SR/KA's for breakfast, it would require you to actually drive it further than the from the driveway to the trailer

    I’m going to beat them in my driveway. How’s your truck doing. 

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