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  1. So what I meant clarify was that looks like there’s money under that hood already. Not the header. Lol
  2. mrbigtanker

    cali smog

    So agree not worth all the headache to smog for a header. Sell the 720 and buy a 521. No smog.
  3. Proportion valve is all you need. And I don’t know if my guy still makes them anymore. But his kits 15’was good.
  4. Doing some tests. https://i1270.photobucket.com/albums/jj612/mrbigtanker/photo2_zpsfb7f5291.jpg
  5. https://i1270.photobucket.com/albums/jj612/mrbigtanker/photo2_zps240d79d0.jpg I can't believe I got this out of photofuckit. Thats my custom one off made distribute for the Fj. Using a Hall effect AEM puck. bad ass right there.
  6. Unless they went bigger on the rotor diameter your good with 15’
  7. I have wilwood all the way around. 15’ wheels will clear. What do you want to know. First hung I will say is if your stock and not running a higher horsepower engine don’t do it. Unless you like wasting money. Are they better for stopping power. Of course they are. What else you want to know ?
  8. Haha I love it.
  9. Ok give me some time. They come out of Japan.
  10. I don’t care for them but there clean and his truck. Enough said already.
  11. Dude he does this a lot. He does own an M3. He showed me.
  12. Hey we might make it after all.
  13. Drew sorry the guy actually sent the money and did not text me till today he did buy them. If you want marchal, let me know and I’ll see if I can get some more. I might have a contact. Maybe group buy.
  14. Will see. I work so much I would need help organizing it.
  15. Why ? It’s clean. I did not give it standing ovation. It’s his truck. If he’s happy that’s all that counts. I think titans look like shit on these trucks but it’s not mine.
  16. I will do my best to be there and I fuckin love you. You are the man stepping up and takin it over from the quitters. I want to do something like this down here at Prado park. Still might. The VW bus guys do it every year. Don’t know if we can camp from Friday to Sunday though.
  17. What do you mean no money in it ?
  18. Let me try and get some today.
  19. Love it. Looking good.
  20. I should you see what they go for. But have other things in mind.
  21. It’s clean.
  22. Looks like you had a good time.
  23. It will be now after you painted it.
  24. Love it Mark. Looks really good. Really really good.
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