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  1. I have an NOS 68-69 wagon locking chrome gas cap. Never been used with two keys ... $150 + shipping Also a 510 3-core stock radiator ... $100 + shipping I don't have any pictures right now.
  2. dryheat

    Motorcycle EFI

    This is what you really need .... slap a cheap MS on it ... EFI Goodies
  3. dryheat

    L Series acting funny / wont idle

    Had the same thing happen on my old wagon. Remove the air screw on the side nearest the valve cover and flush it out with some parts/carb cleaner ... worked great for me.
  4. dryheat

    L series Intake manifold

    There is an Offy manifold on Phoenix Craigslist ... not sure if it is the one you are looking for Offy
  5. dryheat

    WTB: Gastank for a 71' 510 Wagon

    I've got a 71 wagon tank ... clean and rust free ... $60 plus shipping. Let me know.
  6. These folks can do some amazing repair work but they are not cheap once you factor in the shipping. I had them do a tank repair many many years ago on a really rusted Belvedere tank and it turned out great. Gas Tank Repair
  7. Search Here I saw a couple fuel tanks for the wagon and they are fairly inexpensive.
  8. If it falls through I have a nice W58 open for $50 + shipping ... I don't need your W58 though
  9. dryheat

    What Carbs are These?

    Unfortunatley, It was taken right out of my checking. His business is in Syracuse NY so thats an awful lot of hassle but ... I know a guy who knows a guy in Jersey who owes me a favor :rolleyes: . I like the letter from an attorney idea ... maybe I'll contact my attorneys Dewey, Cheatum and Howe for some advise. :lol:
  10. dryheat

    What Carbs are These?

    IMTB is his username. I used PayPal but by the time I was ready to complain I couldn't because the PayPal dispute resolution is only available for so long. SO now I'm just out the $$$900+ ...
  11. dryheat

    What Carbs are These?

    Those are Mikes Mikuni HSR's. I ordered a set from the same guy Mike did and have not seen them in over a year ... he finally just stopped returning my calls ... watch for me on Judge Judy!!! Here is his website ... Low Life Thief ... do no business with this guy.
  12. dryheat

    Piston rings not sealing?

    I put compression rings in upside down once. :blink: Kinda had the same problem you describe although it was a little more obvious as it was an 8 cylinder and fogged the neighborhood.
  13. dryheat

    FI Toys for Sale

    I sold my wagon so now I need to get rid of some of the parts I've accumulated. Here is a pair of Weber DCOE style ITB's and a polished Lynx crossflow maifold. I have no use for them and would like to see someone put them to good use. Manifold studs could use a heli-coil. $1250 and I will not seperate them so please don't ask. Oic ...
  14. dryheat

    Weber Jet Help

    Need some help guys. I believe my stock L20b with a Weber 32/36 DGV is running too lean and this has been the root cause of my elevated cruising temperatures. I installed a AEM wide band O2 a while back and at idle it hovers around 12 ish. If I'm just crusing down the freeway it seems to be 14.5 +- . Any acceleration or increase of load (a hill) to the engine causes the A/F mixture to go off scale lean. It runs fairly well but I'm concerned about the effect of running too lean for too long. Plugs are whitish ... kinda/sorta spotty light tan if you look at them in just the right light. Here are the jets as installed - Primary Main 140 Air Corrector 135 Idle 55 Secondary Main 165 Air Corrector 160 Idle 50 Timing 12 degrees with 35 degrees of advance at 3000rpm Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. dryheat

    WTB Datsun 510 Rear Position Light

    I believe he is looking for the left rear red marker light. I have a few but you'd be better off getting one locally. P.S. Knowing the shipping location is always helpful ... you can post that in your profile for everyone to see.

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