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  1. I recall a while back seeing a crude map of the United States that had regions of where to find Datsuns and their condition based on location. All I can remember is that the furthest north was "rusted out pieces of sh*t" ( no offence to those in the north) I have a friend looking to buy a 510 and thought it would be funny to send to him. If anyone has this map please post it here. Thanks
  2. PL5DIME

    SoCal Fun Run - Get your Datsun Ready! Sunday, 10/26.

    I'm totally down! I'm in south orange county, so either direction works for me. The sooner the better (except the 21st), I start working weekends next month.
  3. PL5DIME

    Timing Issue

    What is supposed to happen?
  4. PL5DIME


    Did anyone ever figure out what this is? Mine clicks like crazy from 20-50mph. As others have asked in the past with no definitive answers, is this normal? Can I toss it out?
  5. PL5DIME

    Mikuni PHH rebuild guide?

    Just in case people are still looking, i found this in my search. "Copy of the Mikuni Service Manual - Maintenance and tuning, doesn't get any more in depth than this!........$ 10.00" http://www.wolfcreekracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=21&Itemid=30

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