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  1. I recall a while back seeing a crude map of the United States that had regions of where to find Datsuns and their condition based on location. All I can remember is that the furthest north was "rusted out pieces of sh*t" ( no offence to those in the north) I have a friend looking to buy a 510 and thought it would be funny to send to him. If anyone has this map please post it here. Thanks
  2. I'm totally down! I'm in south orange county, so either direction works for me. The sooner the better (except the 21st), I start working weekends next month.
  3. PL5DIME

    Timing Issue

    What is supposed to happen?
  4. Did anyone ever figure out what this is? Mine clicks like crazy from 20-50mph. As others have asked in the past with no definitive answers, is this normal? Can I toss it out?
  5. Just in case people are still looking, i found this in my search. "Copy of the Mikuni Service Manual - Maintenance and tuning, doesn't get any more in depth than this!........$ 10.00" http://www.wolfcreekracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=21&Itemid=30
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