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  1. Where did you get that wagon badge. And would you be willing to make repos?
  2. DARIN 510

    Carpet kits?

    Sorry I didn't post sooner. Yah rods discount datsun parts. He has a web site too. Google rods Datsun parts. It should come up.
  3. DARIN 510

    Carpet kits?

    I bought my carpet from rods discount Datsun parts pretty nice. Loop style too. That ratsun carpet kit is okay but $100 is a lot considering you can buy two rolls from Walmart for $16. I used the same shit on my last 510. Not durable but looks 10 times better than no carpet.
  4. This is fucking bad ass. I never thought this day wound come
  5. I posted it for sale for my friend Matt a while ago. It's a really long story on this car you probly wanna talk to him. We were hanging out next to you at the Manteca dats loco meet. Kinda weird how you ended up with it.
  6. Are you sure? Where did you get your info from ?
  7. I think the rota rkr would look the best on your car.
  8. Post more pics damnit. I love those wheels
  9. Shit I got -4 degrees in the rear on mine
  10. Why does your rear crossmember hang so low?
  11. T3 wouldnt give me that part number. He said we don't give out that information. I don't think they are for a camaro because the camaro have a metal dust tube and all these other brands (T3,ground control,)don't.
  12. I can try that. I've called ground control and they will not tell you. They told me if I wanna find out then I have to buy it. $600 just to find out a number fuck that. So I was just figuring that t3 wouldn't tell me either. But I'll give them a call and see what they say. If not if you would be so kind to tell me the part # that would be most appreciated.
  13. Restored makes some really nice cf stuff. Pricey but it's made in Japan
  14. Can you tell me what the part number is on the kyb shocks ? I'm trying to figure out what car they are for.
  15. The exhaust should fit through the hump. Look how high the drive shaft would be sitting.
  16. Hey james what are you gonna do with the front seats? Because I will gladly take them off your hands. Name your price.
  17. Whoops sorry about. Yah I know they are agx shocks but what is the part number on the shocks. You know a letter and some numbers
  18. Yah those are sick and you can get all different colors. But they only offer 5 lug.
  19. I'm rocking a nardi classic leather with a nardi Tokyo horn button.
  20. http://s30z.tumblr.com/post/1057400450/datsun-competition-steering-wheel-from-japan Found this site talking about the Datsun comp steering wheel.
  21. They did a side by side comparison of the two. The difference was the original Nissan one has molded rubber on the handle and the other is leather. Also the price difference is huge the Nissan goes for almost a $1000 and the other around $400. Tuff decision.
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