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  1. Cool nuthin like a bike, ute, an a guy headin away for a days play,and the countryside in the background looks absolutely fantastic for rippin around
  2. Front tyres r 195/35/16 and rear r 215/40/16 rim offset is 0 , The fronts didn't want to go on the bead so needed the ol flammable spray trick works a treat.
  3. Heres my pro convo centre lines 16/8 on my flat deck
  4. Hey there wheels are a personal thing every1 is different, me I'm old Skool 22s r for the nu trucks I think but they r different so they catch your eye,bit high for me. Heres a pic of my old Skool 16/8 centre lines the tyres r stretched 185/16
  5. I was down in Invercargill today its a city about 70km from where I live & spotted this gem in a van yard,it's a 79 620 with factory fitted cl monro camper and sd25 diesel. The thing on the back was a 4 berth and huge with crapper sink and cooker.it had a wider diff and duels and looked to be lengthened,I gave it a rock and it was about as stable as a mackers soft serve on a hot day it would be fantastic for a truly terrifying holiday on our steep winding roads heh heh & the guy only wanted $10k for it (WTF)
  6. A couple more pics of the build showing the deck with drop down catches for the bikes and the fabricated taillight section which we fitted with 1972 Ford Falcon lights,everyone is using LEDs Stuff that old skol is cool.and Infront of right hand wheel is flush mount jet boat fuel filler cap for the gas.
  7. With 2 bikes on theres about 30mm travel to bump stops but it travels nice,heavy springs and munro gt gas shocks keep it all good . Not to comfy going for a drive unloaded tends to hop a bit but they are very rare over here so I take it out every chance and I know a good physio.
  8. Cheers guys will try to get some pics up and then Dawa will see it's possible to live your dream and evan fit 3 dirtbikes on a 620,
  9. Trying to upload photos through photobucket but it's proving harder than getting new parts and restoring the ute. Any tips would be helpful , the pics are uploaded to photobucket but can't attach them to my posts?
  10. Thanks for that tip will get on2it cheers
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