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  1. 510Finn

    NRG Hub Adapter on 510

    I have the 510/610/710 NRG Short Hub, it's the model 142 and a Nardi Woody Wheel. The stock turn signal cancel roll pins on my stock '72 wheel doesn't fit the holes in the NRG hub (shorter depth, larger hole diameter). I measured the roll pin hole as best I could, it appears to be 5/32" or 4mm. I went to the hardware store, bought 6 of the metric button socket machine screws (5mm X 16mm) to mount the quick release (also NRG) to the NRG Short Hub, as well as picked up 2, 5/32" x 3/4" long roll pins and everything fit and worked perfectly.
  2. 510Finn

    Got the 510 dyno'd

    Stock KA24E with T3 turbo @ 8 psi did 210wh/220tq
  3. 510Finn

    Stant locking gas cap

    I'm not exactly certain, but you can try to see if the Stant 10483 locking cap will fit. I has a larger face which covers the area where the OE cap fit. I believe if it fits, then all 510 goons will have their solution for around 10-15 bux! http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31DHQD9FKSL._SS500_.jpg
  4. 510Finn

    69 510 SSSR20DET Project

    Hi, you haven't posted in a long time. Are you still working on this project?
  5. 510Finn

    06 Subaru diff?

    Very curious, I want to do this exact same setup as well, but for a 27T splined STi R-180 diff. ssr20det510, update? Did you contact the guy in that FS post, or did you end up contacting Dutchman's in Portland to do this? Did you have to supply the 280zx axle and companion flanges, as well as the Subaru CV joints?
  6. 510Finn

    Bolt-on Over Fenders / Fender Flares

    Not sure if this helpful, but interesting none-the-less. In this video, the company in Japan, TRA Kyoto made these flares and they are on this white 4 door Bluebird - http://vimeo.com/52611461#t=58
  7. 510Finn

    510 Aluminum Radiators from Datsun Parts LLC

    Hi Al, I just sent you a payment via Paypal for this radiator for my 1972 Goon. Thank you.
  8. I want to lower my goon. Anyone have any affordable coilovers for the front of my Blue Wagoon? Also, looking for info to do the rear leaf flip (this is the bottom helper) then flip it and put it on the top of the leaf?
  9. 510Finn


    Read through your entire thread. Congrats and this is a really cool build. How muchy you looking to sell this awesome beast of a goon for?
  10. 510Finn

    510 rear coilovers

    You certainly could put coilovers on a rear solid axle and use link, ladder, and add panhard rod, ditch the leafs, no?
  11. 510Finn

    SU's Setups

    So, I just installed this setup on my 72 Goon. It has the larger diameter return line (temporarily blocked with mini-visegrips) and wanted to know how and where to run this line, do I tee it back before the fuel filter? I am running the stock fuel pump. It seems to run pretty good from the initial installation - video link will follow. Also, what about the bowl vents? Can I tee them and hook them up to the attachments on the driver side strut tower? More pictures below and link to video (engine was not warmed up but it starts up fine and idles without choke) https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink YouTube -
  12. 510Finn

    Santa Clara Monthly Last Thurs of Every Month Meet

    Haven't showed up to any meet in a while, so I am going to make it to the April 26th meet. Also, if anyone has any Twin SU carb or linkage parts laying around that you're not using please let me know, i'm trying to get my wagon running.
  13. 510Finn

    Headlight Issue

    If the vinegar bath and fuse replacement didn't fix it, then most likely culprit would be the Headlight Relay (6 pin plug) which on a 510 is found next to the passenger strut tower next to the horn relay (3 wires) close to the fuse box. Disconnect the plug and all head lights will go out, but the parking lights should still work with the head light switch pulled out. You can try opening up the cover (bend four tabs) and clean the contacts. The relay controls the high beam activation the coil energizes and pulls the connection to complete the ground circuit for the high beam. Also, the low beam wiring goes through this part too. FWIW, you should be able to find a replacement Nissan part number B5230-89985 Headlight relay with harness to use the factory plug (as now it is rewired and using a more common Bosch type 5-pin relay).
  14. 510Finn

    All Datsun swapmeet car show at Pare Composites

    I spoke to Dave... thanks Hector!
  15. 510Finn

    All Datsun swapmeet car show at Pare Composites

    If anyone is there now reading this, please ask Dave Pare if he has my CF center console ready for my 510 Goon. I phoned and left a VM at his shop today, no one picked up!

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