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  1. 65L320


    The 2 holes on the left... Top is "L" for lights, bottom is "W" for wipers. The 2 on the right... Nearest to the driver "C" for choke, furthest is "H" for heater. Hope this helps. By the way... What front suspension are you planing on running? Just curious. Good Luck!!!
  2. 65L320

    Nice 63 on CL

    Are the tail lights correct? It's hard for me to tell on my phone. Also, where's the passenger side shelf below the dash? Did they all come with one? It is a pretty nice truck for what It is but way out of my Datsun price range lol.
  3. 65L320

    Shift positions on column shift trans

    Rack and pinion Wayno ;)
  4. 65L320

    HELP ME!

    Hahaha it's not actually touching the manifold. It is close though ;)
  5. 65L320

    HELP ME!

    This is the best pic I have of my 320 fuel pump
  6. 65L320

    1963 datsun nl320 for sale pittsburgh pa area

    There was an NL on eBay about 8 months ago. It was completely restored... Frame off, every nut and bolt was new or refurbished. It sold for just over $10k, just to give you an idea of what they have been going for. GLWS buddy. MIKE
  7. 65L320

    1963/64 1200 Sport Truck Survivor for Christmas

    I know the door trim is longer on the NL so I can't help you there. You've got a great start man!
  8. 65L320

    1963/64 1200 Sport Truck Survivor for Christmas

    Not to mention the pie shaped turn signal lenses are suuuuper hard to find. Ask me how I know... Hahahaha! Mine are pretty rough Question, is the tailgate emblem the same as the fender emblem? If so I may have one on my parts truck. (64 L320 with a 63 grill)
  9. 65L320

    1963/64 1200 Sport Truck Survivor for Christmas

    I've got a 63 grill so you don't have to change the look. Please if you want a floor shift 320, buy my 65 L320 lol. Looks really good man! Very jealous. Good luck with it. MIKE
  10. 65L320

    Need a little 4-1-1

    That is good to know! The pl411s must be geared totally different than the L320. 50 mph is about as fast as I feel safe. The highway is not an option for the little truck lol.
  11. 65L320

    Need a little 4-1-1

    Yeah I called out that guy on everything that was misleading about his CL ad. I think he was offended but I don't want others to be misguided. He doesn't know much about the car but was trying to BS me all kinds of things that didn't make sense. Oh well lol Smelt240, I can't wait to see more pics and a video of that beauty!
  12. 65L320

    L320 in NC

    Some things have come up and it looks like I may have to sell the 320. I bought all of the wiper assembly and a working wiper motor but have not installed them yet. I'm taking offers at this time. Would like to keep it in the Datsun family if possible. Thanks for everything guys!
  13. 65L320

    1964 NL320 For Sale in the Classifieds

    I wonder where it went?
  14. 65L320

    1963 datsun nl320 for sale pittsburgh pa area

    So do you think east coast L320s have jumped in price too?
  15. 65L320

    1963 datsun nl320 for sale pittsburgh pa area

    Has a few other non original parts too. It has a lot of work left for that kind of money, but I'm also a broke husband/dad. I do have a very nice 63 grill for it though ;) lol

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