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  1. Had a great time hanging out with everyone yesterday. The weather was nice & the food was awesome! Big thanks to everyone! Here's a link to my pictures. Also have included the pics from the show/meeting a few of us attended last night. http://public.fotki.com/Lordmodelbuilder/car_shows/9th-annual-swdp-bbq/
  2. Hey Danny! I was planning on cruising out to the BBQ and spending the night somewhere Sat. I will make a reservation at the Hilton. Thanks for the heads up! See you and everyone else soon! Brad
  3. Had a great time hanging out with everyone. Good times! Link to my pictures below. Brad http://public.fotki.com/Lordmodelbuilder/car_shows/8th-annual-swdp-bbq/
  4. Congrats on getting this bitchin truck! I have always loved it. Is Greg building another? As for the Historical license plates....here in Cali, any vehicle over 25 years old and of historic value can order them. Keep them and hang them on your wall when you get the Ariz. plates. Keep us posted with updates. Brad
  5. Saw this 1968 521 at the Pick A Part located at 2025 S. MILLIKEN AVE. ONTARIO, CALIF. 91761. The truck had a J13 engine in it.
  6. Those 521's are from a while back. Probably gone by now. The 520 did have a dash. I have it now. Brad
  7. Was down at the Pick your Part in San Diego yesterday. Address is 880 Energy Way, Chula Vista,Calif.91911. The is a 1973 620 shortbed that has an old Capri V6 and auto trans in it. It also had an 8 or 9" rear. The rear was 5-lug. Also had a pair of 14" alum slot mags on the front. There was also a 1967 520 pickup there. It had a J15 engine that was just sitting in the engine compartment. The head was on the fender. Looked like it moght have been freshened up but junked. Hope someone can get down there and get some good parts. Brad http://public.fotki.com/Lordmodelbuilder/mini_truckin/wrecking-yard-minis/page3.html # 91-99 are more pics of the 2 trucks.
  8. This show is going to be big! Lots of classes, come on out! https://www.facebook.com/events/198432850302831/ http://smokintirescarshow.weebly.com/index.html
  9. Looking forward to it Mike! See you guys in August. Brad
  10. Wow! What a great weekend! Wish I could have stayed longer yesterday, but had a previous engagement, but when I returned at 10pm last night, I was so stoked to see people were up and the band was still cranking. Stayed up till 2 AM !! Great time! Here's my pics from early Saturday and a late night pic of the band,and a few more from this morning before I rolled out. Big thanks to all involved in putting the event together, all that attended, the band, and the Wigwam staff! Always good times hanging with friends! See you next year! Brad http://public.fotki.com/Lordmodelbuilder/car_shows/5th-annual-swdp-bbq/
  11. I will be there later today, (Friday). See you then! Brad
  12. Can't wait! See everyone next month! Brad
  13. Awesome find! Looks like AMC door handles. Does it have the v6 in it? Keep us posted. Brad
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