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  1. Figbuck

    L16: Rocker Arm Pivot Guide popped out!!

    The springs all look good. The head is only 36K mi old? If some how there is a failure in the oil getting back there... I could see maybe a valve sticking in a roached guide... I guess. No matter what, the head has to come off. The best thing I can think is to try and talk my friend into sticking it in her barn until I can find some money. I don't even know how I would get it out there. I can't work on it here.
  2. Figbuck

    L16: Rocker Arm Pivot Guide popped out!!

    Why did your lash pad fall out 3 times? My oil is usually nasty by 3K. So, I drove the same drive over about 12 or 15 miles. A mixture of city streets and freeway up over a 2 mile grade coming back. Engine sounded nice, ran fine, idled perfectly at stop signs, accelerated cleanly seemed to have good throttle response. Like I just dialed the valves in with new plugs!!! But on my way back I rolled on the throttle from 65 to about 80 and I could hear a faint clicking, then bang I could tell I lost the lash pad again. I drove it about a mile up the hill in 2nd gear, coasted dead stick back home. Had to start it for a minute to get into my carport. I just took the valve cover off. The same #4 intake lash pad came out and is not to be seen laying on the head. On the intake valve #3, the rocker arm was knocked sideway off the lash pad up against the cam tower... with the lash pad itself rotated 90 degrees so that it trapped the rocker arm in place but still all askew. A chunk of the #4 intake rocker was broken off and it is nowhere to be seen either. I was thinking about taking both rockers off the #4, pull the plug wire off so I could drive it to my friend's farm on 3 cylinders... so maybe I could work on it. But that was before I saw the #3 intake rocker all roached too. My maintenance log says I blew a head gasket towing my utility trailer... then got a re-manufactured head at the beginning of 2012 @ 230K. I re-torqued the cam towers and head in a few miles... then again around 243... so it wasn't that many miles ago that I adjusted my valves. Now is 266K so it's 36K miles plus/minus. That kinda sucks. I don't know what to do right now. looked on OfferUp and saw a guy in Vancouver Wa. who is doing a 620 KA swap... is selling a clean looking l16 with tranny for $350. Even if I could beg him to let me have it for $300... I don't have any money. I saw a nice looking '95 hardbody some chick is selling as a part truck because no title and she needs it gone. She said it's her DD and runs good, but can't insure it and needs to git legit. $500. I could harvest the engine and wiring harness and get my money back parting the rest of it. Yeah, I was just barely making it... now I'm on "Mare's Shank"! 25 years ago I did a bathroom remodel for a stark raving mad man in a sprawling estate name Irving. I met with him twice to talk about doing the work and then to sign a contract. His office had enlarged photos of him standing in front of old aircraft and in the hall photos of the first sports car races held on the 17 Mile Drive in Carmel California in the early 1950s. He had a Caddy powered Allard and a Cunningham, that he raced to 3rd one year. Man that is motor sports claim to fame right there. Irving's estate was inherited from an Old California Gold Rush family. He had so much money that no matter how much he tried to blow it he couldn't. He was a decorated WWII Flight Surgeon, went on to teach and lecture at both University of California Berkley and Stanford. One wing of the house was chocked full of first edition books worth millions. There was a secret vault behind a book case that had really rare and valuable things... like one of the two original California Constitutions. Both UC Berkley and Stanford Libraries were fighting over why he should sell it to them, Not even donate it, just take our money. This old guy was a stone alcoholic now and polished off at least a bottle of Absolut every day. He had a house keeper who shopped and made food for him noon to four. She refused to buy him booze and told me immediately not to fall for his bullshit. If he talked me into getting him booze or cashing his bouncing checks... I would regret the outcome. Boy was she right. The day I showed up to start at 9 AM, he was already into the second bottle. He had a deal with a 16 year old neighbor kid totally on the sly. He conned this kid out of his allowance money or anything the kid could swipe from his Mom's purse, so he could drive Irving's Jaguar. He owned a 1950 Jaguar 120 roadster that was all original down to the leather belts holding the bonnet. It was rode hard an put away wet. Nasty dirty but he had a local British Car shop keepin' it running and tires on it. Nasty dirty, but not fucked up at all... all there... and sounding great! He got convicted for drunk driving like seven or eight times, so he was permanently revoked. He couldn't risk going to jail so he didn't try driving any more. Everybody he came into contact with refused to buy him booze or let him have any cash money. The cashier's at his bank wouldn't even cash a check for him... or one of his own checks that he wrote to anybody. As I found out when the housekeeper told me to cash his checks at his bank right away. He had a lawyer who tried to keep him from killing himself... or at leas not kill anybody else. But he made this end run with the kid, who just started driving and couldn't wait to drive this big old V12 beast into town! Shit, I wanted to drive that thing. So one day Irving asks me to drive him to the Post Office. Ya mean the Post office next to the Liquor store Irving? He goes, "Yeah, I'm on Mare's Shank!!" What? Mare's Shank?? WTF? Right Old Chap... I got no wheels... so I is HOOFIN' IT! Anybody want to give me a lift to Canby? I is on Mare's Shank.
  3. This happened to me in 1977 with about 40K mi. ; I was pulling a long hill in 4th gear and all of a sudden a loud ticking sound started in the engine. I let off the throttle and the ticking slowed with the RPM. I pulled over, left it running, popped the hood and could tell it was from the valve train and not a rod knock. It was in the middle of the night, it didn't seem like it was going to blow up so I drove 20 miles back home. The next day, I pulled the valve cover and saw the missing guide. I think it was ninty-six cents from Nissan. I have been changing my oil and filter right at 3K miles for a few years now. So fast forward to last week. I changed my oil and filter, new fuel and air filters. Coolant got changed in the fall and looked good. The last few tanks of gas seemed like I'm not getting good milage... performance OK... not bad. My maintenance log says plugs were 15K mi old, replaced the last time I adjusted valves. I pulled the plugs and the #4 electrode was burnt and bent... but the other three plugs looked nice and tan! Fuck, What's up with that. Never seen that before. Stuck new NKGs in and off I went. 15 miles, I go in shopping, come out and start engine, let it warm up while I fool with receipts. I take off driving 25 mph through a neighborhood in third gear. Out of nowhere there is a cut-out like a cough through the carb. But only for a brief second, then back to running smooth. WTF was that? About ten blocks later the same thing happens, but like two coughs and the engine died. I tried to start it, but it didn't want to fire while I coasted. Fortunately I was on top of a long hill and got it running on compression... but now with a loud tapping sound in time with the Revolution of the engine. I drove it home knocking like crazy. Finally today I worked on it. The rocker arm pivot guide for the #4 intake was just sitting there on the head, suctioned in oil. Stuck the guide back in, adjusted all the Intakes. The were all too tight. Three of the exhaust valves were tight and #2 was still right on. Just took it for a little spin. Starts and idles nice... winds out really strong for 266K mi. SO... what happened? I can't understand how that little guide can come out of there? Any ideas??
  4. Figbuck

    Converting to rear disc

    I hope you got your rear discs figured out by now. I have been driving with the Beebani rear disc set-up now for almost two years. I have abused the fock outta my brakes towing heavy leads, blasting the back roads and nasty stop and go freeway traffic at any speeds. I don't know how this relates to the OPs specific query... but, I'm running my stock brake booster. There is a distinct two part feeling to the pedal... the fronts work first and then towards the bottom of the travel there is a big springy cushion felling when the backs come on. So far I have only locked my brakes up once in a total panic! It's a pretty hard thing to do. When it happened I thought to myself... oh shit, I'm a passenger... but the truck stopped so freakin' fast. As far as hooking up the Izusu parking brakes to the hand brake yoke... there could be a bunch of different slick, quick and easy solutions to this. Here are the Figbuck 620 oics...
  5. Figbuck

    Datsun 620 stereo

    ]Bueno! But... you now that you have entered Ratsun world... OICS or it never happened! [post=Figbuck620 on Flickr][/post
  6. Figbuck

    Datsun 620 stereo

    Is the old radio out? The old radios and AM/FM Cassette units volume and tuning knobs fit through two hole and got a nit to hold the unit to the dash, a small square cutout was for the dial, etc. When I finally got around to buying a modern CD/am/fm with a USB port, etc... I had to remove the plastic inset piece that surounds the instrument cluster and heat/defroster controls. If I remember right, this was the hardest part of the whole deal, figuring out where the screws are for it. Then you can take some tin snips and cut the metal of the dash frame out so that modern rectangular units fit. I'm pretty sure i decided to take the plastic inset out rather than try to cut the metal dash frame in place. To risky, would crack the inset. It was a couple years ago that I did it. Best thing I ever did to my 620... besides 4 wheel disc brakes. I got a Sony with a remote that works great, removable face for $99! Back in the '80s I used to blow $400 or $500 on a Sony or Alpine system. I think I had 3 or those ripped off before I just left the hole in the dash and put the players in the glove box.
  7. Figbuck

    Battery drain? Help!!

    I had the same symptoms where there was a slow drain on the battery. New Battery, started and ran fine until the truck sat for a couple days and the battery was drained dead. It drove me nuts until Mike, Hainz got me to trouble shoot all the basics... long story short... the two wires to the alternator got swapped when I chucked my stock L16 35amp externally regulated alternator, with a 60amp internally regulated unit from a 720. A clue if I remember right... no alternator light lit when the ignition was turned on. After the alternator light on the dash works right. Truck can sit for weeks now even though the clock on my CD player draws current.
  8. Figbuck

    Figbuck Chronicles...

    Thanks Mike. It's been ten years of Ratsun. I have been driving Datsuns since 1967 and next month will be 44 years owing my 620. Yeah, so I was driving over the Chehalem Pass last nigh in a torrential rain storm. I was coming back over to Portland from the farm where Iv'e been a few days. There is no TeeVee so I hadn't heard weather or news. It dumped an inch in six hours, the worst of it on me, water blowing the truck sideways. In some of the switch backs were in solid fog banks where I was virtually blind going 5 mph. I'm thinking; How many times have I been caught out in surprise monster storms like this. Dang... I could die out here! That is when I remembered "Longboard Man"! I hadn't thought about him since the event happened last summer. In hindsight, Longboard Man is a Player in the Cosmic Game. Pretty sure he knows. I mean we are all Players in the Game but it is rare to encounter "Pieces" who are aware of how it works. Not like knows the rules, because the rule seems to be that there are no rules. But that is how it works. This is so hard to explain. I've never tried to tell anybody about this. Either you have already have the understanding... or you're going to think I'm just making this story up. But maybe you already know about the “Cosmic Games”. When I was about 45 years old, I had a motorcycle riding buddy named Jack Skip. He was 35, single also and traveled a lot. He made a lot of money selling catalog printing for big commercial accounts like, LL Bean, North Face and Nike. Skip and I met spectating the 1997 World Superbike Races at Laguna Seca Raceway. We were big fans of both formula cars and any kind of motorcycle racing. He was into sport riding, so I introduced him to Dennis Pegelow Safety School and Starz race school with Reggie and Jason Pridmore. We began to do a lot of open track days together. Skip was a naturally fast rider, but untrained. I had been riding for a lot longer, with experience at California Superbike Schools and Riding Camps. I was pretty fast too, because of my better understanding of tires and suspension set-up. For a few years we were doing race schools and track days every month. Over time, we both got to be very confident, quick riders. We bought five insurance totaled Honda CBR600F2 motorcycles cheap, turning them into two dialed-in track bikes. We learned racecraft on mind blowing closed course natural terrain, road racing circuits, like Thunder Hill Raceway Park , Laguna Seca and the old Sears Point International Raceway. We met riders and racers from all over the world, and were coached by National and World Superbike Championship winners. Life was good. I had finally arranged my contracting business to run 5 days a week. We never worked on the weekends anymore. I could schedule some weekdays off. My guys were glad to see me go motorcycle touring. Haha. Skip and I used to do 300 and 400 miles days ripping Highway One on the California Coast, then rip all the deserted back roads and canyons through the Coast Ranges. On a typical Saturday, we might to ride from Skip's apartment garage in the Fillmore District of SF, out east, up Highway 4, over Sonora Pass through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We would find a cheap motel or Casino Hotel in Carson City Nevada, then blast back Sunday, over Highway 108. We rode all the Sierra alpine passes both ways, and up Highway 395 or Highway 89. We used to burn rubber, gas and stretch chains, running big loops all around the Lake Tahoe region. After a while we kept two bikes on my utility trailer with all our gear in locked boxes. If we were lazy or it was hot out, we would hook up the trailer to Skip's SUV, then cruise a couple hours to a great place with tunes, AC, cold drinks and no stress in traffic. Then burn a tankful strafing apexes on deserted twisty mountain roads, driving home in comfort. Pretty spoiled, but why waste fuel and racing oil sitting in traffic? We got these voice activated two-way “Communicator” devices that attached to our helmets like fighter pilots. They worked for separations of a mile or so, mostly line of sight. Great for navigating in traffic or coming up on junctions we didn't know. We would have conversations about houses on remote mountain tops that were really hard rides to get to. We thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a place to stay out here? Yeah, dream on. One day Skip called me. He had received a huge bonus from a printing job, so he was at the Auto-Auction chasing down insurance totaled, exotic late model sport motorcycles. He bumped into a guy we pitted with at the track a few times who was selling a vacation house for cash to go pro racing. Skip bought his house, just off of Highway 267 in Kings Beach. A few miles north of Lake Tahoe. It was the plainest house in the nicest home development. It backed up to the Tahoe National Forest, with a spectacular elevated view of the Lake. We hatched plans to renovate it into an indestructible, ski-boarding, snowmobiling winter cabin... and a dirt biking, mountain biking, summer party road house. That is what we called it, the “Roadhouse”. Year round we kept our Yamaha YZ125 dirt bikes under the house in a heated shop space. We would roll'em out the back door and ride forever. Never got Snowmobiles, but eventually we bought second sport bikes to leave up under the house all year. In the summer we had fast road bikes to blast through the Sierras on. We were so spoiled. Skip did a lot of his sales work at the Roadhouse, flying for business meetings out of Reno. He paid me to renovate different house projects. I took two of my carpenters up there for a week to make dramatic changes. Then Skip and I worked for a couple weeks on a grand front stairs and deck. It was great, we went riding every afternoon. I spent a lot of time up there for a few summers. We would take our girlfriends up there to party, Winter and Summer. Skip spied two very exotic Ducati 916s for sale at the dealership in Reno. They were the previous years sponsored customer's, AMA team bikes, restored to street legal. Only 2500 miles, with Factory Race Kits and many aftermarket race goodies. You couldn't do what they did for less than $25k each. They wanted $12K for each. Skip gave them $19K cash for both and they were glad to get it. They needed it for a $48K Ducati Corsa 998 race bike from the Factory. Wow! Now we had two very red, very fast, very sexy Superbikes with Nevada license plates! Nevada... as in no speed limits... in Nevada. As we were getting the deck and stairs finished, Skip received an emergency call during a large, expensive, press run. He abruptly flew back east. I worked all day to get the deck railings finished. Early the next morning my new Ducati was calling me to go for a ride... in Italian... haha. Suited and booted, I saddled up heading east along the Lake. Down and out Highway 50, into the huge expanse of Nevada desert. No traffic and perfect air temperature scented with Ponderosa Pines. You should have heard these bikes run! Italian music. I was used to riding inline 750cc road bikes, and our track bikes had a similar inline 600cc 4 cylinder engines. The 916cc Duc was a 90° V-twin, fuel injected 4-valve-per-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, making 110HP. Extremely quick and fast. As I got out into the Desert on remote Highway 50, two lanes and a broken stripe, vanished to a point on the horizon. I rolled on the throttle evenly to see how hard it pulled in the top gears. Crazy torque throughout the rev range. It made power much differently than Japanese bikes. Let's wring this baby out before it sucks the fuel tank dry! There ain't nuthin' out here, it's a road to nowhere. The enormous sky and flat desert bisected with an endless horizon, So huge your depth of field becomes two dimensional like a kids water color art. I snapped my helmet visor shut, leaning forward onto the balls of my feet, planting the pegs into the soles of my race boots. Rolling on the gas in fifth gear, made the big bore Duc's Desmodromic valve train scream like an Italian Opera singer! I held the throttle wide open. When I bumped the shift lever into sixth gear, a solid mechanical “Snick” was all I felt through the little re-inforced patch on my race boot. My knees were hugging the indents in the tank through my leathers. My leather clad butt barely touching the saddle. Two fingers of my Kangaroo hide, studded Carbon/Kevlar layered, road race gloves, pinned the twist[grip to the stop. Only a very light push needed to guide the wildly vibrating bars. Just behind the windshield, I tucked the chin of my helmet into the indent in the fuel tank, finding the only calm spot out of a building hurricane. Breathing and relaxing, I looked as far ahead as was possible. Because at 150MPH plus, I'm covering a lot of ground rapidly. I'm there... NOW! The whine of the Desmo cams and the big booming exhaust note turned into a roar, then a howl, as the tach crossed 9000RPM. Rocketing forward, I had to focus and relax. I pulled my left glove off the bar laying it flat on the tank, tucking my arm out of the wind stream. My heart was pumping at probably 140 beats per minute. I had to remember to keep breathing... and blinking... to keep my eyeballs wet. My world started to go wrong fairly fast about 150mph. My first thoughts were... Oh, it's just the throttle bumping up against the Rev Limiter, the ignition/fuel mapping is cutting out. The ECU is just keeping me from blowing it up! Before I could back off the throttle or anything else, a sensation like when a digital TV signal pixilates or deteriorates, overcame me. It was across the whole bandwidth of my awareness, like all my sensory input was shorting out. Suddenly, I experienced a catastrophic perception of reality shunt... like shaking an old school, five-cent Pin Ball game... TILT! POP! There was an electrical snapping sound like an old tube TV being shut off. That sensation, coupled with a sudden bright white flash in the center of my mind. My consciousness dissolved. Oh no! GAME OVER? All is relatively quiet... except there is a sound... or a vibration. Involuntarily I take a deep breath, that opens my eyes. Before me, is an ancient Zenith analog TV, hanging on the wall. It displayed a black and white network test pattern from the last century. The only sound was a 60 cycle hum, as if it had never stopped. I know where I am. The Town House Motel in Crescent City, California. I'm sitting in a familiar chair in the room where I always stay. It's a corner room managers put motorcyclist in, because there is an over-hang to park bikes out of the marine fog. Wait... am I dead? I'm kind of buzzing all over , Exhausted like I worked flat out all day. I'm whooped but not hurting. I closed my eyes and opened them again. Just checking. It was June of 1986. I has just ridden 330 hard fast miles from Portland down hrough the Redwoods. I was exhausted and dehydrated as hell. I had made this trip before riding to the Portland rounds of IndyCar Racing. I was ravenous. Lunch had worn off a long time ago. Out of habit, I looked out the bathroom window checking the commercial fishing harbor for a reassuring sight. There overlooking the boats and docks, a lone weatherbeaten two story building, lit with a familiar red neon “Restaurant “ sign. The hair stood up on the back of my neck! The world had stopped!! There were no sounds, except the hum of the test pattern. There was no wind, waves or movement of the boats. No seagulls, no sounds!. I whipped around to look out the front window for my Red White and Blue, '84 Honda FV750F Interceptor. Oh good, it's parked next to the most gorgeous metallic purple 1938 Oldsmobile Coupe. This all seems right. After I registered for the room, I pushed my Honda under the overhang. A 65 year-old Father and his 40 year old Son, were deep in discussion about a minor cooling issue with their 550HP, small block Chevy. They found this completely original car in a Montana field, then spent $150K and three years, building a super street rod. This was their first shake-down road trip. They had driven through the Coast Range over from Hopland, and said it handled like a Corvette. The Son waved at me, “Nice bike there buddy! What an awesome day to give it some gas!” Dad chuckled, gesturing with his hands, like he was screwing on the throttle and sawing the bars. I liked these guys instantly. My kind of people. Their upholstery, dashboard, stereo, trunk, engine compartment were each detailed exquisitely. The deep purple metallic paint, and pin striping was of show quality. Stunning. Red-Blooded American car guys! But where were they? Where was anybody? What the hell just happened to me!! Am I sure I'm not dead? How did I get here? Why was I in Crescent City of all places... and the '80s! This is where we cue the spooky music sounds. I was all about ripping through the desert on a 916 Duc. Did I die? Shit I missed it? Wow, it didn't hurt. Just as those thoughts cascaded out, a small voice from the old motel room television set! It had been quietly talking to me, explaining everything. Well not talking, strictly. Not a human voice, but sort of telepathic vibrations revealing concepts, schemes, organizational ideas and relationships. Out of the hum and snow of the analog screen, new paradigms and concepts were understood instantly. I didn't feel threatened or afraid of this “voice” or Persona communicating with me. They or It, was amusing and good natured. Reassuring. I had to laugh, this omniscient voice was doing Schtick. It “announced”, “Dude you broke it! Rarely do “Pieces” find the bug! But you did! BONUS POINTS!! Now you have been RESET!” I felt like I knew this cat! Cat? NO SHIT! It's my big Tabby Cat Figbuck! No! No way this is happening!! Am I dreaming that I'm dreaming? I don't know. Am I aware in my dream? Yeah, it's like a vivid Alice in Wonderland dream. It's not just Figbuck my cat free-styling telepathic comedy, but every other cat identity that I have ever owned or met too! That's why cat's look at us like they are reading our minds. We are so slow and stupid... they are trying not to laugh in our faces. Through my whole existence, it's the same kitty. The whole spectrum of feline consciousness is the same Cat Persona. In the same way many individual human personas operate out of single consciousness. A consciousness that is basically a “Gaming Program”, with bad lines of code. My cats have always let me stare into their eyes. I've felt like there was an intelligent connection there. Here now was a resonance explaining the theory of everything. Wait a minute... RESET? Figbuck my cat vibrates; The good news is that now you know your USER(S). Both singular and plural! “USERS(S) wish to apologize that they are lazy fucks. But it's just a minor code thing. It's a bug USERS(S) never got around to fixing. Because in a perverse way... a way... you as a Game Piece won't be able to fully grasp. USER(S) enjoy it when “Pieces” in the “Game”, crash the Fractal Algorithm that runs your universal dreams. Here is where my attempt at a rational explanation fails. This episode only took a few moments. Now I understood. Next, I got up to answer a knock at the door. It's the Father and Son, ready to go eat a 5 course Salmon dinner at Harbor Restaurant. We had a wonderful meal, watching a spectacular Pacific sunset from the second floor picture windows. We talked about our lives, and dreams for the next big projects and drank a toast to “Buildin' Shit”. The next day I ripped 400 miles of roller-coaster Highway 1, down the scenic California Coast to San Francisco. Honda Interceptor... more fun than was allowed by law. I lived my life. Ten years later I met Jack Skip at the races. We were great motorcycle touring buddies and race-track rats. He did buy the Roadhouse, and we spent a week up there building stairs and deck railings. But different things happened to us. I bought a trick Honda CBR600RR from the mechanic at the Reno Ducati dealership. It was my track bike, I never rode it on the street. Skip ordered a Harley Davidson Road King from the Factory. And rode it back from Millwaukie. I know about riding the 916 and the good times at the Roadhouse, but I also know this other outcome. The USER(S)... or just USER(S)... explained how it's a game or pastime, with high levels of, skill, performance and competition. The goal or reason to play is not to beat USER(S), but to show off USER(S) skill and expertise at creating Universes and Worlds, populated by civilizations. It's an art and a prestige thing, USER(S) or my cat Figbuck vibed to me. Oh Man, how do I explain this? USERS(S) said, think of a two dimensional stick man in a flat world. How can he understand the third dimension? He can't. There is no there, there. So we can't understand infinitely more complex higher vibrational fields. USER(S) exist in the 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions. Game Play doesn't exist in the 10th and 11th dimensions, because they are too thin, not a lot of separation between them. Maybe too much alike. Play does exists in the 5th through 7th dimensions, but it is sparse, because those dimensions are quite elegant and complete. The “Games” are played in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. USERS(S) dig the funky basic nature of our worlds. It is simple and kind of inelegant. Not especially beautiful or desirable, but wildly open ended in the infinite combinations of experience that are possible. But here is the thing; USER(S) said space is an illusion, brought on by time? Or the other way around. All I can remember or know, is that I began to bump into the very edges of the gaming field. The algorithm created by USER(S) had a bug of sorts. causing breakdown in my perception field. It's all a Fractal Hologram created virtually as needed. It's not at all weird that my cats are communicating with me telepathically. It has something to do with We... as Pieces in the Game... like Pawns, Knights and Queens. Each of us manifests an extraordinary conscious life force, resulting in Auras and outward fields of energy radiation. These function as vibrational binders, gluing all individual realities into a single universe. Imagine USER(S) wearing a universe with worlds of civilizations, like fancy clothes worn to a party. USERS(S) create many parallel universes with all possible outcomes. They all curate shows of their creations in time. Elaborate fractal patterns of resonant vibrations cycling through wave form episodes, dancing through consonance and dissonance. But it's not like They create the reality. We “Pieces” create the reality in time. It's kind of flakey the whole universe system. It amounts to about as far as you can see, hear, feel and smell. It's not gigantic or galactic at all, except virtually. Infinity is more fake than real. Past that , it doesn't need to exist in reality... so there is nothing real past your immediate life force. Other people are simply little individual cracked pieces of a single cosmic mirror. It's not others you see, but small reflections of your own radiating human construct. As you get away from other people, your perceptions of reality have to work harder to create the universe, Less glue, thinner vibrations. Less reflection too. So when I was by myself in the middle of nowhere, I inadvertently poked a little hole in the algorithm by going fast on a motorcycle. That and a minor bug in the code running USER(S) “Games”. The result was pixilation as the “Game” crashed. Not crashing the bike, the “Game”. A lot of the perception of reality is created on demand. As far as we experience living life, a physical universe is not necessary, when a virtual one is the same thing. USER(S)' whiskers seemed to twitch as It laughed at me. Because now I know about It's/Their manifestation. I am off the hook. I get that there is no death now. There is Life only because we, the Pieces in the game. believe Our/Their manifestation. We buy into the Personas we each create completely. That is all it takes. It won't stop, it can't stop. Life as the vibration we experience, doesn't exist really, only virtually. Haha, it's USERS(S) joke!! Laughing at you and me now!! What does it all mean Mr. Natural? It don't mean Sheeit! One reality is: God is some Old Guy.... and his Son who build badd-azzed street rods... off in the 7th dimension. They like to polish 'em up, then show their creations off. God is some fool in the Desert trying to red-line a Ducati 916 in top gear... Ride Fast and Take Chances
  9. Figbuck

    Figbuck Chronicles...

    The late great harmonica giant Paul Delay used to say, "Life is like a harmonica... sometimes you suck and sometimes you blow." Figbuck says; "I blow the horn as much as i can... so I don't suck!" Here we are once again, the planet wobbling slightly in it's spinning orbit to give us the shortest, darkest, coldest days. It's a trade off living on the 45th parallel. We experienced another fantastic summer. We earned it however living through a record rainy winter, After Thanksgiving the short days until the Winter Solstice have fast setting golden sunsets that impart a sense of impending finality. My New Year's resolution for the last few years has been the same, to play my tenor saxophone every day. Except for a few weeks in the spring when I was very ill after inhaling Black Mold, I have played every day. A couple years ago I met a lady named Juli, through a mutual friend who is a bass player, She is a grape farmer and winemaker living on the property her grandfather owned in the Chehalem Mountains of Yamhill County, Western Oregon. Her grandfather built a big wooden barn in 1932. It's mostly empty and unused now. It needs a little work but the basic building is in great condition. I have been doing some repairs and clean up around the farm in exchange for room in a tractor shed to keep my utility trailer and job boxes boxes of basic carpenter tools. Juli's Father and Uncle were professional jazz musicians on the west coast. Uncle Bill was very active in the golden age in the L.A. Studio scene of the '60s, playing woodwinds. He was an original member of Supersax, That is serious claim to fame as a sax player right there. Never mind that he was never mentioned in the documentary movie as a member of the Wrecking Crew, studio session players who made so many famous recordings. So, I have been taking advantage of the big space, ability to make noise and not bother anybody. It's a lot of fun to play in the barn, and I know that I'm not the first one to play in here. I've heard recordings of the brothers playing in the barn with the unmistakable roar of the crickets in the background. So it's about a 17 mile drive from where I have been staying in SW Portland on the Beaverton border. We are actually in Washington County with a Portland address not Multnomah County. This spring they began paving Scholls Ferry Road, Highway 210 all the way out into Hillsboro and then out Highway 219 the twisty road that goes over the Chehalem Pass into Yamhill County. Most of the time I was sick, the paving work went on, so I missed weeks of construction and road closures. One of the first days I felt healthy enough to drive out to Juli's farm, I went out there to look at a huge branch that broke off the giant oak tree next to the house. I want to saw the logs up for lumber to make furniture. It was a spectacular summer day. Not too hot, and there had been some rain so that everything looked healthy and green. On my way out through Beaverton, I was shocked to see large tracts of land being turned into suburbs, complete with high density townhouses, million dollar single family homes crammed into small lots, new high school, new traffic lights, intersections... and basically a lot of shit that wasn't there last year.A lotta shit that wasn't there last month!!! This is all pretty depressing because I have seen this movie before, it's called the Politics of Economics. While stopped at a huge new intersection looking at all the new construction started in every direction, two guys riding Sport Motorcycles pulled up next to me. My heart kind of sank. I'm not sure how many years it has been since I rode a motorcycle. How many summers have been wasted because I can't seem to get a bike again. Six or seven summers now. I can't think about how much time I have wasted not being able to ride, but then playing the horn every day has sort of filled that void. But nothing really satisfies like burning gas, rubber and stretching chains out in the hills. I continued out to where the zoning is clearly agricultural, then pulled up behind a long line of traffic, stopped for construction flaggers. I killed the engine in the old Datsun, rolling down the window, and to a stop. What a beautiful day! A warm breeze smells so good that I'm trying not to get depressed. It's hard. I have been very sick and lost a lot of weight. I'm not sleeping right and not eating right. I'm living on twelve hundred bucks a month. Well not really living buy getting by. I click on the Chris Potter bootleg recording I have been listening to over and over. The view from rows of apples and berries on the valley floor in every direction to the Christmas tree farms and vineyards on the Chehalem Ridge, there is beauty and vitality. The traffic is not moving anytime soon. I'm telling myself how lucky I am to be alive and not be sick anymore. It's summer. We been waiting for this the whole nasty winter. But somehow I always come back to how poor and broke I am, and how much stuff I worked so hard for is lost. And for what every reason, I don't seem to be very lucky in terms of being able to manifest money. A friend I have known since high school with, just tripped on her cat in the living room, hit her head and died. Our other friend is descending into schizophrenia and paranoia. Another friend is fighting heroine addiction. I don't have those kinds of problems. I saw those guys on superbikes all suited up to go have serious fun. The kind of fun that most people will never experience. I'm bumming out, because I feel like I should be out riding too. Finally a pilot vehicle escorts a long line of cars trucks and more motorcycles from the oncoming lane. There is a guy on a very trick Honda SuperMoto 450. Wow, perfect bike to carve the twisty section of highway 219 over Chehalem Pass. Then two high-milers, guys on BMW 1100cc touring machines wearing Aerostich armored suits and hard luggage with Canadian plates. Probably riding back from the World Superbike Races at Luguna Seca in Monterey. Which is where I would have been if I wasn't so poor. But I'm trying to be grateful for the stuff I managed to save, and for waking up every morning. Then another guy on a black Honda CBR1000RR with all black leathers and helmet. That should be me. I was always a lone rider in black helmets and leather. I'm wondering if they got to blast those nice twisty sections over the pass without hitting all this traffic. Probably blew by it so fast the cars never saw them! Haha Shit I miss riding motorcycles. As we get up to the junction, everybody in front goes straight to Hillsboro, except the two guys on sport bikes. These guys seem to know the area, slowing for the school and speed zones. As we get out to two long straights connected by long sweeping esses, at the base of the mountain, they roll the throttles on and evaporate towards the summit. Well, my old Datsun has been running really strong. I just changed the oil, all filters and coolant for the summer too. The road is so freshly paved that it has not had the stripes and markers painted yet. The new black asphalt is nearly perfectly clean and smooth. The guys on bikes must be getting their tires warmed up and are sticking to the hot pavement like a wad of gum. I found a whole set of used tires last year for $200 mounted and balanced. They are 235mms, about the fattest tire I could get on stock Nissan wheels. They came off a Pathfinder SUV, so the old Datsun rolls really nice on the freeway, and grips well when you brake hard. I had to use 1/4” spacers on the back wheels to keep the sidewalls from rubbing the lear springs. The result is nearly neutral steering and the feeling that the back wheels are following the direction of the turn without having to tug on the steering wheel to keep the front from pushing towards the outside of the corner. It really handles like a slot car now and ...if I had horsepower... I would be dangerous,! Once I get the old truck rolling, it goes pretty quick. Especially downhill. But now I'm winding the old 1600cc engine out to extract all of it's claimed 97hp to climb the hill in 4th gear. Eventually the steep grade makes me shift into 3rd gear, trying to keep all the momentum possible. Then a series of sweeping corners and esses are perfect flat out in 3rd. Whee, hustle the old truck through back to back to back perfectly cambered corners! While it's not quiet the same as hanging off the saddle and feeling for pavement at the apex of the corner with your knee puck... it's still the same game of cornering. With my Chris Potter bootleg blasting on the stereo, incredible scenery, perfect brand new grippy as hell road surface... I come flying out of a long carousel of a corner onto a long steep strait... then shift into high gear. Out of habit when trying to hustle slow roads quickly, I keep looking ahead to the farthest point ahead of me every moment. It's bright out and I'm not sure what I see. I'm wringing every ounce of power I can from the old Datsun engine, thinking, for sure this ain't as much fun as superbikes on a racetrack. But it's still fun to see how fast I can make it go. I had some brief thoughts about where the limits of grip are on these used tires. I have not had them break traction in any situation yet. In the back of my mind I remember a set of tires that stuck like glue, until they just gave up, and you were sideways with out warning. Other sets of tires were softer and you could feel them start to slide predictably, no big surprises. Speaking of surprises... something is coming at me down the hill. I don't recognize it immediately. I've got my foot on the floorboard and pulling up on the steering wheel... as if that might help it go faster. In a flash I'm watching the back of a guy on a skateboard getting really small in the side view mirror. Swoosh... he was gone... so was I. For a split second, streaking down the center of the oncoming lane, was a tall slender guy on a longboard. He was in the classic long-board surfers stance. Hanging ten off the nose of the board, knees gracefully bending him forward with his hands and arms behind his back like a ski jumper. Short sleeve shirt, board shorts and bike helmet with a camera. mounted. Whoosh, this guy was probably going 60mph. OK, let's say he was only going 50mph. I have crashed motorcycles going that fast... it hurts... and I was wearing race leathers, helmet, studded kevlar gloves and armored boots. At any rate he was flying! I remember the first real skateboard I got with composite wheels was a Hobie with a laminated wood deck. I think they were $16, a lot of money in 1962! The first time I went to ride it was on these long concrete ramps from the parking lot to the high school, directly across from our house. I was flying down the ramp in exhilaration when I spied fallen Eucalyptus acorns strewn across the flat spot on the bottom of the ramp. Before I could process the unique triangular shape of the acorns and potential outcome of hitting one at speed... the board stopped and I didn't. One second, I was living in the past and feeing depressed, the next moment I was having fun just being alive, cranking music and blasting the old truck though the hills. But now this guy on the longboard is having FUN!! I sure hope the guy made it down the hill. It's about four miles. I always kill the ignition at the top of the pass, stick it in neutral, then coast the whole thing without using the brakes. Really hard to do. Really scary, but Im not worried about hitting a little piece of gravel. Right then as my Chris Potter bootleg tape finished, I remembered some other times that I felt this alive and in the moment...
  10. It may not fall through into the oil pan. There is a ledge on the front of the block where dirty oily sludge tends to accumulate. It could get stuck there and never show up in the pan. I had a Rocker Arm Pivot-Guide pop loose. The engine ran strong on three cylinders to get home. I pulled the pan and no Pivot-Guide, It's the size of a dime and 4 times a thick. 25 years later, I pulled the engine to re-build it and found it glued into a little flat spot above and behind the chain tensioner.
  11. Figbuck


    We salute you Ratunistas!!! [post=Ratsun Salute @ Canby by Clary Philipp, on Flickr][/post]
  12. Figbuck

    Magazine Ads

    [post=Datsun Ads 04 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr][/post] [post=Datsun Ads 02 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr][/post] [post=Datsun Ads 01 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr][/post] [post=Datsun Ads 03 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr][/post] hahaha... trippy, no?
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    What are you listening to???

    I've been drinking Breakside Ale, but they shipped some Pilsner that was really nice, the last couple weeks Ninkasi is shipping Dawn of the Red that is really good. A while back I tried Ninkasi IPA. I like it a lot but one and I'm done, two pints will kick may ass. Wednesday night is my Saturday night... I go listen to my friends Soul Cookin' band play over in the Hollywood District @ Blackwell's... their motto is "Craft Your Buzz" Depeche Mode iz plying here soon... I ain't going.
  14. Figbuck

    What are you listening to???

    I'm always listening to drummers! Adam Cruz just makes me smile. This was almost two years ago in Santa Cruz @ Kuumbwa. I was sitting next to the guy who shot this bootleg. This was the encore after two hour and fifteen minute sets, the guys playing this hard the whole time. There are cats with chops, then there are cats who are soo badd, they transcend instrumental virtuosity, seting the bar for creativity and performance. Chris... being Chris. Check out the little licks Adam Cruz fires back at Chris when he get's back to the head... and that whole sequence into the 4s at the end. I was sitting right there and they were loud as fuck... anyway I copped audio of the whole tune and have been listening to it hundreds of times to transcribe it.
  15. Figbuck

    620 windshield replacement

    Ok, so I'm back in under two hours and I had to drive across the river. $267. They had the glass already, were fifteen minutes behind. Fifteen minutes later they drove it into the shop, two guys knocked it right out. Totally workman like job to reuse the existing gasket, and tuck the headliner back in place... looks just like when they did it nine years ago. haha Soo nice driving home in the rain!! It's great having a new windshield! The windshield wipers even work better! So, for PDX guys I would recommend Apple Auto Glass on MLK. I'm such a poor broke MF, it's hard to come up with a couple hundred bucks. I will spend all day fixing something I coulda bought new for ten bucks... 'cuz I don't have ten bucks. There are just some things I don't want to fuck with. If you have ther right tools, It's not that hard to install gasket type windows. I still don't want to do it. I didn't even watch them do it. I shoulda shot video of them doing it. Oh well, that's how much I don't care. So glad that there are good mechanics and craftsman still out there. Sometimes it's grim watching guys try to do stuff. Next... Farmers. I should record that conversation for quality assurance purposes... and cheap entertainment.

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