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  1. aeroc

    im screwed

    It's sad to see from the very first reply how everyone assumes that it's the OP's fault his mom kicked him out. She sounds like a nasty parent and this likely has little to do with the OP being a bad person. I'm very sorry to hear that you started smoking at 12, I'm sure it has something to do with your family. If she is as terrible as you've made it sound, you need to get her out of your life. The suggestions to make it right and get back in her home and to just put up with more abuse is terrible advice. Only if you need shelter temporarily until you can make it on your own would I suggest going back to her home. Move out as quickly as possible and find a therapist to deal with having such a nutty mother. Join the military? Of course, they prey on the young and vulnerable. I couldn't imagine worse advice. Smoking is a vice, not a crime, don't apologize to anyone for doing it. If I had a crazy mother who sold my property and would kick her own kids out of the house, I'd probably pick up smoking too.
  2. I've got the rear end dropped on my 411 SSS, before I attempt to use a slide hammer to pull the axles out of the case I just wanted to know if there were any clips or anything else I have to do. Anyone done this before?
  3. Are you willing to ship to Canada at my expense?
  4. Are these 6 sets already presold?
  5. Kelowna, BC, Canada (Pick-N-Pull) Saw the third Bluebird 411 in my life this week, sorry no pics. PL411-048162 It wasn't in very good condition, most body and interior parts were bad, infested with wasps too. It had a manual transmission.
  6. The exhaust side is the same, the sump is front and apparently there are no mid or rear options so the crossmember is going to get modified. I'm also going to have to cut part of the firewall for the distributor and thermostat housing on the back of the engine, they stick out too far. It's a good thing the heater core was taken before I got the car, if it were still there I'd feel bad about cutting the firewall. The nice thing is that the Toyota T50 transmission is smaller than the factory auto transmission.
  7. fisch, your 411 wagon drawing is inspiring. It's my desktop background picture, it helps keep me motivated to continue the project. I've had this car sitting for so long, we're in the process of closing our shop and I was considering selling the car for $100. I was doubtful that anyone would buy it and was worried that I'd be forced to junk it. Nevertheless, I'm now committed to putting it back on the street. This is a great little community.
  8. aeroc


    I have RL411-011826, it had engine block R-55096...does that mean there's a good chance that it was swapped at one point?
  9. She's not pretty, but not bad for being saved from the junkyard. I've had this car for around 7-8 years, I got it for free when I bought a 510. The owner had seen it go into a pick-n-pull apparently in running condition and decided to buy it. A lot of parts went missing and there was some random vandalism, but I figure there's enough of it left to make something decent. It's an SSS, automatic. The R16 head was pulled in the junkyard and a lot of the engine parts were missing, so I decided that the R16 wasn't worth restoring. As for it being a project, the plan is to make it a budget build. I picked up a Toyota 20V 4AGE (hence the blasphemy in the title) for $350. I'll update the thread as work progresses.
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