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  1. fbiphil

    Power Wheels Gets a New Power Plant!

    If you build it, the video will come...
  2. fbiphil

    Power Wheels Gets a New Power Plant!

    Make sure you scan the ticket you're gonna get when you drive this thing to work!! :fu:
  3. fbiphil

    KA-Kait's 2dr. First Time Dime.

    The Longchamps are gone, I'm afraid- but they went to a good home. Congrats again on the new project- I know it looks rough, but most precious gems do when they're pulled from the ground... it's up to skilled craftsmen to make them beautiful! But, since we're not skilled craftsmen, we'll just have to do the best we can! ;)
  4. fbiphil

    My new toy "The Beast" 73 k5 blazer

    Congrats on the new rig! I had a '75 a long time ago, and it was a very fun vehicle- full convertibles rock!
  5. fbiphil

    My SR 520 build

    Congratulations on getting it fired up!! Glad I could help you get those parts welded- be sure to swing it by once it's on the road!
  6. fbiphil

    510 Boso Wagon - Supercharged KA24DE

    Is that 5.0 where you got the idea for your oil pan color? ;)
  7. fbiphil

    510 Boso Wagon - Supercharged KA24DE

    That photo of the supercharger housing makes me think dirty thoughts... I think I have a problem.
  8. fbiphil

    Public Apology/Brush With Greatness

    Oh, HIM. For a moment, I thought you were talking about one of Jon & Kate's KIDS!! ;)
  9. fbiphil

    My SR 520 build

    Great to see you got started on the swap! We talked about it when you were picking up that seat, but I didn't realize you would get into it so quickly! Good luck with it- bring it by when you get it rolling again! -Phil
  10. fbiphil

    joke's you know you got them

    Guy walks into a bar at the top of the Empire State Building. While he's sitting at the bar, the guy next to him says, "the way the wind currents go up the building, you can jump out the window and float in midair!" First guys says, "No way- prove it", so the guy jumps out the window, hovers for a few seconds, and floats back in. "That's amazing!" says the guy, so he jumps out the window and falls to his death. As the second guy sits back down at the bar, the bartender walks up and says, "You're a mean drunk, Superman."
  11. fbiphil

    i just got BAR Reffed in my car!

    A ref ticket is the reason I sold my 240sx. I DID get away without popping the hood, claiming "it requires tools to open" due to the RHD conversion. HOWEVER, he looked under the car, saw no cat, and wrote the ref ticket anyways. I traded the car away before the court date (mine would have been a $780 fine without correction, by the way), so I was able to pay a $35 processing fee and they dropped the charge. HERE'S WHERE I GET MAD: If the state gave a flying f@ck about emissions and saving the planet, why did they let me off by just getting rid of the car?! The release of liability clearly stated that I sold it to another California native, so they can obviously assume that it's still polluting our streets, right? So, they much JUST CARE ABOUT THE MONEY!!! Total BS- almost every aspect of our government here in California is broken. BTW- the ref station in Sacramento is OPEN, last I heard, so you're not getting out of the woods that easily. Someone mentioned smog control in a pre-1950 vehicle. If the officer recognizes the engine as a smog control era lump, they need to conform to those laws- you smog to the engine, not the chassis. No, this doesn't mean you can put a pre-smog engine in your '95 Altima, either- no going back in years. Also, the new engine has to be from a similar classification of vehicle- no Power Stroke diesel in your '78 B210, I'm afraid... The whole system is designed around making money. If they cared about the environment as they claim, the smog test would only go off of what comes out the tailpipe- everything else is bureaucracy. If you need somebody to transfer your title to so you can show them you sold the car, let me know- I'll "buy" your car and "sell" it back to you after court!
  12. fbiphil

    Too Low???

    No such thing as too low, too fast, too loud - otherwise you're too old!
  13. I can only think of a few exceptions: Jeeps - I've tried photoshopping them a few different ways, and they just don't look right... unless maybe fenderless up front, tubbed out in the rear- old skool rod style? Unimog/Humvee (H1)/ other military vehicles - sure, it could be done, but it's like neutering a bulldog- they just look better lifted (the vehicles, not the dog's testes!) Supercars - I know, they're already low! But I'm talking about laid out on the ground. Ferraris, Lambos, and the like belong where the factory set them- they already took all of the compromises that mainstream automakers have to include out of the equation, so they're optimized for handling from the get-go. I've seen them lowered, and it just doesn't seem right. Other than that, lay it out, drag rocker, break road reflectors... the lower the better!
  14. fbiphil

    Anybody seen this???

    This is Ratsun, indeed! Having owned a few dozen Datsuns in my life, I can certainly attest to the "cheap power wins" mindset! And please don't get me wrong- the L series, and all of the other old motors out there, certainly have potential for power. And I'm DEFINITELY not knocking his choice of a 7m in that wagon- it's pure evil!! As for pushrods... is there anything else in America besides the Chevy engine that still runs those things?! Datsun ditched them in the 60's!
  15. Just razzin'!! But Sean also needs to realize that not EVERY car would look better with an oil cooler hanging off the front... just like I haven't figured out that not every car would look better laying flat on the ground!!

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