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  1. Do anybody know the weight distribution of the 610? I read in an old magazine it was 56/44 (front vs rear), while another old magazine said 46/54. What is correct? Is it heaviest at the front, or heaviest at the rear ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I’m working on getting a 610 back on the road, and need to sort out the wiring. From + on the battery there is a lead with a fuse. Any ideas what it connects to? Appreciate all feedback to get this right, thanks.
  3. Thanks, the description is perfect. No photos needed :)
  4. Kelmo, I really appreciate that you took the time. The photos and your comments are great, and I think it might be good for finding the exact spot. Im thinking it might be an idea to mount the upper hinges first, then push the upper seat into them, so to verify the height of the lower hinges. We’ll see what is the best way after cutting away the trunk area. Hopefully Ill have the time next week. Ill share some photos when I do. Thanks again :) PS: When the rear seat is locked by the upper hinge, is the upper hinge pushed up a lot, or is it more or less in the same position as in the photo above?
  5. Kelmo, thank you. This is very helpful. I also need to mount these, but I reckon it is best to mount the lower hinge first to assure the correct position of the seat.
  6. A classic example of an upper seat / lower hinge confusion :)
  7. Kelmo, thanks that would be great. Datzenmike, sorry perhaps I'm using the wrong words to describe. The red photo shows the seat hinge I'm talking about. The brown one is my car, with no hinge. Now, when looking at these photos I notice a wart on my wheel well. Perhaps it is there on purpose, so to weld the hinge on correctly ...hmm On the red car there is also a wart, in line with the top of the hinge ...
  8. Yes, got it all. Just need to know where to weld the upper seat hinge
  9. Hi, I have a two seater 510 Wagon that never had a rear seat installed. Now I want to install a rear seat, but since my car never had it before, there are no rear upper seat hinge on the inner well. Though I have a set of hinges cut from a donor car overseas, and I want to weld them in place. Can anybody advice me their exact position? (measurements from nearby structures etc ) Appreciate all help, thanks.
  10. Eriks

    L20B big bore with low end torque

    Ok, seems like L20 crank suits for revving, and Z22 crank for torque. I guess I have to ask myself if the L20 crank deliver enough torque for my purpose.I will not pull a trailer with firewood. Just the car itself.
  11. Eriks

    L20B big bore with low end torque

    Thank you all, many inspiring feedbacks here. Stoffregen, yes I would leave such a job to a machinist. Its an L engine that belongs in the car, so I would not consider anything else. Call me sentimental:) Thus nice to know the limits of what to do with an L20B without sacrificing too much reliability. Im a bit confused about the Z22 crank. If fully counter weighted is great for revving smoothly, why would Nissan make the Z22 crank not counter weighted? Would there be any benefit for a crank that is not?
  12. Eriks

    L20B big bore with low end torque

    89 bore is close to the limit ... might this be a head gasket problem in the long run? The Z22 crank suggestion makes sense, thank you. However I read it is not fully counterweight like the L20B crank. Would you say the disadvantage is significant? If no, maybe a healthy solution is to bore no more than 87, using the Z22 pistons as well as the Z22 crank. I suppose the L20B rods would work with this combo as well
  13. Having a short block with KA pistons (2360cc), how would you complete the build for low end torque and everyday street use?
  14. Eriks

    510 suspension

    Datzenmike, thanks for the recipe. Split collars seems unobtainable over here, but by welding the lower perch at the desired height the strut would look somewhat original, which would be a benefit since coilovers are illegal for street use. Anyway, when lovering this way, or any other way, would you advice adding roll center adjusters to the setup ?
  15. Eriks

    What I need to complete my L20B

    Over here only the 510 had 219 head. The next generations had A87 with no stamp.

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