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  1. Eriks

    2 mm head gasket

    I read somewhere that the original L20B bowl piston add 11cc, so that might be an option
  2. Eriks

    2 mm head gasket

    Thanks. I have a L20B with flat top pistons and a 219 head. Noticed too late that the head had been milled 1 mm. Checked compression, it was 14:1. Not sure how much gasket I need to lower the compression to a ping free level. All advices are much appreciated.
  3. Eriks

    2 mm head gasket

    Hi, anyone know a source for a 2 mm head gasket for a L20B ? Thanks.
  4. Eriks

    610 no headlights

    No worries, I figured it out. Wrong relay from a different model, it was upside down
  5. Hi all, I have some issues with my headlights. It is a car I´m restoring, and now I´m looking at the electrics. There is no high beam or low beam. No glow whatsoever. So I´ve tried to measure my way around. With all connected and light switch on there is no voltage in the wires to the headlights. But when disconnecting the headlight relay there is 12V in all wires to the bulbs. Any thoughts? Appreciate all help. Thanks.
  6. Eriks

    Big Cam????

    Good idea. Thanks ?
  7. Eriks

    Big Cam????

    Thanks Hainz, I really appreciate your views. The reason I'm asking is that I do have a L20B, with 219 head with 1,5" intake, also dual SU carbs. But the cam is stock. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can not stop wondering if this package would benefit from a slightly more valve lift, while still be good as a daily driver.
  8. Eriks

    Big Cam????

    Hainz, in more detail how do you experience the Schneider 460 compared to stock cam?
  9. Eriks

    L16 big bore

    Dont think so. If so, who could do that?
  10. Eriks

    L20B vs L18 pulley

    Thanks Datzenmike, the L18 timing tab that I have is a sawtooth scale on drivers side near the distributor. I thought it might be wrong for the L20B, and have ordered a L20B sawtooth scale for the passengers side near the alternator. I just want to make sure the pulley is the same, or if I have to replace that too.
  11. Eriks

    L20B vs L18 pulley

    Is the timing mark on pulley located differently on the L20B versus L18 ? I’m asking because i replaced my L18 with a L20B. I do not have a pulley and timing tab from L20B, so I’m using the pulley and timing tab from the L18. However when alligning the timing mark on pulley with 12 degrees on tab, the actual timing is way off. Appreciate you advices, thanks.
  12. It seems like I just experienced something like this, replacing my old L18 with a L20B. I used the L18 pulley and timing tab, and adjusted to 12 degrees as the handbook says, but engine ran much better at 30+. My initial thought was that the L18 pulley and tab was not compatible with the L20B. Then I notice that the spindle position is more straight up, appox 0 degrees. So now I assume the spindle position is wrong and causing the misfit in timing marks and actual timing. Would you agree? Or maybe I need to find a pulley and tab from a L20B also?
  13. Eriks

    L16 big bore

    I assume the L16 can be safely bored to 87mm, just as the L18. What about longer stroke? Is there any other crankshaft options than the L18?
  14. Eriks

    L16 big bore

    I agree that L20B would be nicer. The problem is that we do not have L20Bs here. I could import one from overseas, as I did with for my 610 SSS, but the end cost ... What we do have here are L16s and L18s. Furthermore regulations are strict, so I can not get the car approved with anything bigger than a L16. That is, the engine has to appear to be a L16.
  15. Eriks

    L16 big bore

    Any ideas how to get more displacement and grunt from a L16 ?
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