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  1. 720mike

    79' 620

    79 king cab 620. L20 auto. 700obo
  2. 720mike

    79' 620

    Well got the new head gasket on and also had the head surfaced just to be safe. Block looked good. The gasket was crap and was letting coolant in to the exhuast manifold. All in all wasn't to bad of a task. While the head was off i cleaned all the bolts and threads in the block. The hardest thing was getting the cam sprocket off. Damn thing was tight. Anyways just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave input and help. Now I need to sell the pickup. :rolleyes:
  3. 720mike

    L20 Head gasket

    How do i lock it in place??
  4. 720mike

    L20 Head gasket

    meant water in my oil. thanks
  5. sorry about that. it's a l20 in a 79 620
  6. Hell no. Thank god. I live in Eugene Oregon. #1 redneck city in the world.
  7. I was wondering what all i could get rid of as far as vaccum lines? What is the metal tube that runs to the exhaust manifold and sits on top by the valve cover? what can I make go by-by and still have a running truck?? Thanks
  8. 720mike

    L20 Head gasket

    Thus far it never smoked before. I dont have any water in my coolant. I have another L20 i can put in but i would like to do a KA swap. Any suggestions
  9. 720mike

    L20 Head gasket

    Hey guys. I have a 79 620 king cab with a L20 with the auto. (auto is a turd). I had 2 questions and i hope someone can answer them for me. 1. Why did the L20 have the intake and exhaust on the same side?? Its a pain in the ass to remove. (maybe its just me). I've had a few 720's with Z22's and Z24's and the intake was on the passenger side and i always had a header which was on the driver's side. 2nd. How hard is it to change out the head gasket?? I'm blowing white smoke and it smells of coolant. I bought a head gasket and am hoping it solves my problem. Thanks for any input or answers.
  10. 720mike

    Heater Core

    Anyone had problems with a leaky heater core????
  11. How do I make my own???
  12. Does anyone konw where i can get a set of Amber headlights for my 620???
  13. 720mike

    620 Wheels

    I found a website that sells Gram Lights (57SX) in 15, 16 and 17 inch sizes. I called them to verify it and they do stock them. They are not cheap. I purchased 4 16x7's 6 lug with tires and it was $1580 plus $175 to ship them from California. This is a link to the website. http://www.upgrademotoring.com/wheels/gramlights/gramlights57sx.htm
  14. I don't mind the 6 lug because it the chevy pattern but there are more wheel options for a toyota 5 lug. I just bought a 1987 toyota 2wd and have already swaped the rear end in my 79 620. It has a 5 on 4 1/2 pattern and there are so many more wheel options. Now just trying to figure out the front. Thanks for the help.
  15. Just wondering if anyone out there has converted a 620 from 6 lug to any 5 lug?? Thinking about Toyota 5 lug. Just a curious question from a Datsun fan.
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