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  1. Are these traction bars still available? If so how do I get my name on the list!! Nick
  2. NJJO

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    Bothell wa :( shoot me a text maybe some photos too would be cool 206.794.1551
  3. NJJO

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    I was just about to post a want ad yes I am
  4. NJJO

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    Pretty sure I own this now. Anyone know the original owner?
  5. Hey guys I'm interested in an L18 if anyone has one kicking around please let me know. Not really looking to rebuild one at the moment but I'm open to anything right now. Nick Call/text 206.794.1551
  6. Hey man I know this post is kinda old, but I'm lookin for a roof rack for my 70 510 wagon. Any help?
  7. NJJO

    Automatic KA Swap

    So im thinking of doing a KA Swap in my wife's 72 510 wagon. i know your first questions might be why? or can't she drive a stick? well the short answer is no. so my questions is how? i have a 1995 Nissan 240SX KA24DE with the automatic transmission i have a friend who is very experienced with this swap to standard but not to automatic. any pointers? is this even possible? Nick
  8. Hey guys I am lookin to get a brake booster for the wife's 510 iot eve just the spacers that would be awesome, send me a pm of what you have I'm down with playin for shipping too 98911.
  9. Hey guys I'm looking for a brake booster or even just the correct spacers for a 510. If you have anything send me a PM and lets talk. I'm in the Seattle area but if you're willing to ship that's cool too. Nick
  10. NJJO

    Goon parts for sale

    Wow man hope everyone is healthy and recovers quickly. PM Sent
  11. NJJO

    parts for sale

    pm sent
  12. NJJO

    WTB Match Box Dizzy

    awesome thanks for the advice man, i always write them off too soon.
  13. NJJO

    WTB Match Box Dizzy

    Seattle WA is correct sir, sorry about the confusion. But if someone had one and was willing to ship that is cool too.
  14. lookin for a match box dizzy if you or someone you know has one it would really help me out. call or text 2067908662

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