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  1. nice car man, loving the yellow on black combo.
  2. smokeybear


    i was lucky enough to get my 521, let alone find other datsun parts. ill ask around though, thats a good idea, never even thought of that.
  3. smokeybear


    anyone have any suggestions for seats in a 521?? ive got 2 99 silverado seats that would match my dash and are free to boot. i think they would be too tall, not sure though.
  4. that sucks man. ive had a 33 over (in a 30 aka residential area ha ha) and they took my license for like 3 months and i paid like idk less than 300 bucks for sure. had to take a defensive driving course online and that was that. and that sure as hell wasn't my first offense in this town.
  5. i would pay to send a harness of and probably even have someone dick with the mounts, i don't know/understand fabrication yet (planning on starting small, maybe practice making c-notches etc etc first)
  6. what about like an l20 EFI setup with a miata supercharger (from one of their kits) and fab a manifold up. i think i might end up keeping mine and making it a project since ive got a good reliable DD now.
  7. ive got a 521 pickup in arkansas. PM if you want more info.
  8. more info on this please, thats the first time i have heard of that. ive got a few people interested in my 521 at the moment but ive also had like 6 others interested and they were all tire kickers. also, lets say i just want a cheap way to get this thing running again (well i mean it runs, but leaks too much coolant to drive anywhere) what other cars/trucks could i pull a motor from to put in?? just incase it is a water jacket leak (which with my luck is probably exactly what it is)
  9. that 1200 reminds me of a toyota mango heh.
  10. ive considered it, but after all the bullshit i went thru with my s14, i really really really dislike the KA (timing chain bullshit, leaks like a mofo unless the gaskets are brand new etc etc) maybe a vg30 or something like that would be more fun.
  11. awesome write up, so this is a bolt on and go thing right?? lets say if you were to bag the front on a 521, would there be any clearance issues. im kinda ignorant on what you guys are talking about, so sorry if my questions seem a little dumb ha ha. if i am understanding this correctly, i would love to buy a set with my tax return money. also, what master cylinder would you recommend using??
  12. smokeybear

    l28et in 521??

    possible/reasonable?? a ka24e swap would be cool, but keeping with the old school style of the car would make me happier. if i can find a l28et for what it would cost to fix/replace my l16, i would be up for that. also, 521 and 510 mounts, the same or different?? i realize its a truck vs car situation, but its not much bigger than a car, but the front suspension is right??
  13. im pretty sure ive got the OG bottle jack and rest and a datsun kangaroo bag if any is interested......
  14. i know what hose your talking about, but it is literally spraying from the crack where the head meets the block. ill double check it and make sure that what you mentioned isn't a possibility though, thanks guys and keep any other possible suggestions coming. another quick question, if it is a headgasket, how much of a PITA is it?? ive done everything on a car but that and really not looking forward to dicking with timing and what not.
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