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  1. Looking for some L20B camshaft cores. please let me know if you have one or two laying around. Will be happy to pay freight charges and for your time to box it up... many thanks BTW the L20B cam is the one with the "bumps" in the middle...... bilder hochladen kostenlos
  2. Many thanks guys, I am in Woodinville, WA.....pm'd you
  3. WTB good std L20b crank..... Many thanks
  4. I have a 71 Z that came with leaky headers......just trying to find the right manifold to put back on instead of dealing with the noise ..... thanks for all of your help and comments, way cool I'm in woodinville, wa
  5. Looking for early Z exhaust manifold Many thanks,
  6. Need one for a L-16 and one for a L20b Also need the spacer that comes with the 6-bolt flex plate Many thanks
  7. Hi all, looking for a good z22 short block in the Northwest.... many thanks,
  8. Can you tell me what side of the carb you need them for as they are made for a specific side.......looking from the front of the carb.....the typical setup is for a left and right combo so you can run a single accelerator cable from the middle.....although I have also seen some manifolds require you to run a long shaft with two rod ends screwed right above the linkage as well.......I have some spares but i need to know how you want to set up to work..... Thanks,
  9. Was able to get all the parts locally.....many thanks for the help and quick response! Had an accident at Portland Before Uploaded with [HURL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/url] After Uploaded with ImageShack.us I need a front core, front lower valence and a hood.....any help would be appreciated...... many thanks,
  10. Hi Mike, I would love to pre pay for one of the flanges if I could....please PM me with instructions and I will send you some cash......Also and off topic, any idea where I could find a H190 rear diff with a 3.90 ratio? Many thanks, MV
  11. Thanks Mike, I need the later one....I was also aware the the thickness of the spacers are different between early automatics and later ones...
  12. Hi there, I need a flexplate and the spacers for the installation of a automatic trans on a 5-bolt crank motor...... Happy to pay for parts plus shipping if anyone has them...... Many thanks, m
  13. Well here is what I need......if your front end is in good shape, I would be happy to pay for cutting up the front corner I need.... Let me know.... Many thanks,
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