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  1. Been wanting to put some baby moons on my 521. Anybody got a recommendation, they're surprisingly difficult to find. Also would love some pics of your Datsun with them on if you have 'em!
  2. That's what it seems like. I am going to call them and ask, I bet they have about 657 laying around.
  3. So I finally got my rebuild done, engine is in, everything is connected and looking beautiful! I fill the radiator up with water for the break in and it starts pouring out of the side of the block...after a mild heart attack I realized the coolant plug was missing from the block. It was in when I took it to be boiled out and just overlooked making sure it was there when I got the block back. Long story long...what do I need to put in there, I can't find the proper plug on line dang it!
  4. shoot! I already ordered. That's ok tho, I'll order the correct ones and return the others. Thanks!!
  5. Really good point. I bed I can get those on line too. I dunno if Tacoma Screw is open these days.
  6. Yep! Harbor Freight cheapie!
  7. Anybody got a cherry picker in the Seattle area? I'm just about finished with this one!
  8. Thanks, Mike! Woo!!! She's almost come together!
  9. Thanks!! I'm doing a full rebuild and been using this book as my bible and I've found it to be thorough and fantastic! It indicates to put the chain on before the guides and tensioners. My dowel is lined up to the notch, but I'm worried that the crank seems off just a hair.
  10. I will definitely stick to the copper plugs but am stoked to finally have the clarification! I got the dowel for the cam! When putting in the timing chain it always seems half a tooth off from TC, I had to rotate the crank a smidge to get them to line up (please check out photos). I'm thinking that since everything is aligned properly, as long as the chain is properly syncing the cam to the crank I'm good to go, but since I have this thread going it doesn't hurt to throw it up here for some advice. Also kinda strange that the OSK cam gear doesn't have the notches.
  11. Out of curiosity, and I know this thread is no taking a turn,, but what's your opinion on iridium vs. standard plugs?
  12. Wow! Thank you so much!! Ordered.
  13. No the cam is off a seized engine and looks worse for wear. What a weird issue to have!!!
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