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  1. Yeah. Is it worth putting more money into an L16. Another thing to consider is I only have a 4 spd, so how much benefit will I really get with an L20?
  2. So it looks like I put the cart before the horse... I had the machine shop rebuild the head, but the #1 Cylinder is worn and they're recommending boring it out. So now do I do that and eat the cost of pistons and reboring or do I just scrap the block, sell the head on ebay and rebuild the L20 thats sitting in my garage? I was planning on making that L20 a hot rod engine and putting it in the truck later. Just not sure what to do, don't know if I want to continue putting money in an L16.
  3. Everything is disassembled, going to the machine shop tomorrow to have the block boiled out and honed, then putting it all back together!
  4. Ok, everyone! I had to stop this for financial reasons but I'm back to the rebuild! The head has been rebuilt from AutoSport in Seattle and I have a cherry picker to pull the block so I can have it boiled out and put new rings and bearings. The question I have for you all is what's the best way to pull the block if the head is already out? Where do I attach the chains, etc for the pully to be in the best position for leverage? And I'll be doing this solo as I really don't have any friends out here who wrench at all. So your guidance is greatly appreciated!! Again, it's a '71 521 with an L16 in it. Thanks!! Nick.
  5. The bearings do feel about as thin as rice paper. They crumbled a little bit when pulling them out. And that rod is shot.
  6. So finally got back to work on the block...looks like some serious damage on #3. Now do I replace just the rod or the piston as well? Also does the crank look damaged beyond repair? The fact that all the lobes are brown but the #3 is black, plus the wear on it is concerning. Not sure a machine shop can rescue this one.
  7. Thanks, Mike! I was using the wood handle of my rubber mallet to push the pistons out, slow and low pressure. I'll be sure not to force it.
  8. Digging in...only had time to pull the first piston, my mother in law is in town and we're playing tour guides but here goes: All things considered the engine seems ok so far. It is locked up and the second piston was much more resistant, I hit it with some PB Blaster and let it soak but didn't have time to go back to it. I'm hoping it was bearings that locked up the engine and the cylinder walls are still good. More pics to come.
  9. Oil pump, check. I also heard putting L18 pistons in an L20 gives you a couple more ponies. And to take off the truck fly wheel and replace it with a lighter one.
  10. New thread created. Thanks, everyone! http://community.ratsun.net/index.php?showtopic=71643
  11. A heartfelt thanks to hobbes_the_cat for hooking me up with this L20B block and W58 head. I'm going to keep a journal here for anyone who's interested and place progress pics all along. I appreciate all the feedback and advice! Sorry the first round of pics aren't that great, I'll get better! Nick
  12. Right. So i decided to just repair the exhaust valves on the head of my L16 and picked up this L 20 B block and w58 head for my full rebuild. Going to get this pristine and swap it out.
  13. And so it begins!! Maybe I'll start a new thread showing the progress? I hope to be completely finished by summer.
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