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  1. ztraviz

    lz24 build in a 521

    Add more pics to the original links. And more to come hopefully this weekend it will be running. Will add more pics to show cold start cable and throttle linkage soon
  2. ztraviz

    lz24 build in a 521

    the engine is in after the weather finally warmed up enough https://photos.app.g...ZrjQ4W88fu5QlU2 https://photos.app.g...d0zamBYOWLxZvJ2 links have updated photos
  3. ztraviz

    lz24 build in a 521

    This picture shows the 2 together https://photos.app.goo.gl/m4SPiWBaD12gm4k93
  4. ztraviz

    lz24 build in a 521

    It is a z24 with u67 that has been decked .the oil passage from the block to the oil pump for the L20 timing cover doesn't quite cover the hole so I put the z24 timing cover back on and put oil resistant rtv at the top we're the head meets the timing cover on the corners the gasket covered most of it. I probably didn't need to rtv it but for peace of mind I did it any way. The lower coolant outlet I think came off a 280z.
  5. ztraviz

    lz24 build in a 521

    So I have been working on this for maybe 2 years now had the machine work done then it sat in pieces for a long while now I am back to putting it all together and wanted to share it with you all. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8AZrjQ4W88fu5QlU2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Yd0zamBYOWLxZvJ2
  6. ztraviz

    Just bought a 521

    A 1978 280z alternator is 60amps. that is what I run in my truck. With the jumpers at the plug where the voltage regulator used to be.
  7. Called cosmetic they said it would be around $2300 just to set up the tooling. So a little help the block has been bored 40 over making it a 90mm. Where can I get a head gasket for the head that is a for 90mm bore? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. I have a chip and a crack and I am tired of both window must be in good condition :thumbup: I am willing to travel to you for a pick up also willing to trade I have a pretty good stock pile of parts email is: ztraviz@hotmail.com
  9. www.buynissanparts.com but you need the part number
  10. ztraviz

    521 heater hose ?

    here at this if you have the part number you can find just about anything if you have the nissan part number and it will be OEM www.buynissanparts.com
  11. I was 17 when I got my first datsun it was a B210 hatch back now Im 32 with 2 nissan patrols 1966 and 1969 4 280z's 1976-78 1 pl521 1970 1 620 4wd king cab w/2.4napz 1977 1 280zx 2+2 1983 1 hard body 1983 I would have more but wife freaks out every time i talk about another one more is better
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