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    http://Kamikaze Garage facebook

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    Toyota Kp30 13B turbo,miata,Cefiro sr20det and 620Zilla
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    My little girl,the garage,video game,art,music and cinema
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    Frankenjira Datsundett =the beginning=

    Hell yeah thks mate :thumbup:

    Frankenjira Datsundett =the beginning=

    Thks all!Axl Roses rulzzz! pretty soon,back in da garage slowy slowly The Belgian King like Kamikaze Garage :thumbup:

    Frankenjira Datsundett =the beginning=

    Thks all for reply!I'm living in Belgium,this country speak Dutch,English,Nederlands,French. My first account is cancelled, :poke: :ninja: Im using Hermano,yes,i have spanish origine,please Look my facebook page( Kamikaze Garage),im a real person,im not a robot or Sadam hussein with a pc in the twilight zone lmao :thumbup:

    Frankenjira Datsundett =the beginning=

    Yes is mine :thumbup: thks dude

    Frankenjira Datsundett =the beginning=

    Pop art inspiration

    Frankenjira Datsundett =the beginning=

    Hi people, Im new in Ratsun,my name is Greg and im living in Belgium. Me and my hermano have a garage,Kamikaze Garage. My project its a 620 imported from Portugal,by me and swap the complete mechanic from a Skyline BNR32 build a custom chassis and more, enjoy The beginning fresh import from Portugal I believe i can flyyyyyy;i believe i can cut The Skyyyyyyyy Pop art inspiration Farm style operating table for my futur roll cage for adjust the engine The master piece To be continued...

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