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    the good ol' state of WA
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    91 325i Coupe (e30) 99 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
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    photography ,tech stuff and cars in general.
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  1. _k_i_d_


  2. _k_i_d_

    Just Curious.

    Actually it doesn't look that bad really.
  3. _k_i_d_

    Just Curious.

    I'm just wondering if these Fuji Sprint Style fender flares and spoiler could fit on an 80 2 door sedan?
  4. _k_i_d_

    2 mins

    Brilliant! I hope goes well!
  5. _k_i_d_

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Inspiration when I get mine someday. :) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. _k_i_d_


    Thank you ranman72! B210GX I lived up here in Ferndale my fellow Washingtonian! Kirden Thank you! I'll sure look on the 1200 forum about A series engine! Yes I guess I live in a place where I see Datsuns on every streets! :)
  7. _k_i_d_

    so im finally starting a thread on my 78 b210

    Cool! What kind of wheels are those?
  8. _k_i_d_


    Thanks roseyroseyrose!
  9. _k_i_d_


    Hey guys!! I've been lurking this site for a couple days now to get some ideas, now it's about I join the Ratsun community! :) I don't own a Datsun yet but at least I do have an idea of what to look for when the time comes I'll have to purchase one in the near future. I know the Z cars are one of the most beautifully built cars because of it's sleek shape design but somehow I like a B210 (or Sunny on the other side of the Pacific) especially if it's a hatch! People of my age (I'm 25) would rather get an AE86, 240sx, Supra ,RX-7 etc. but for me I want a Sunny hatch because of it's uniqueness and shape. I know some people don't like it but somehow I do like it! And I guess watching too much 1980's JAF Fuji Sprint Race footages or the historic race events that they currently doing right every year (Youtube). I hope there are kind and knowledgeable for tips and advice. Thanks and have nice day guy! :) _k_i_d_

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