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  1. A_rod510

    KA24DE Can/Am Box Wiring Help

    Ok so since you just said that the can am will need wires coming out of the KA harness and stock harness which ones will be from each harness based on the diagram? Btw I have a s14 KA so the ecu pin out is different
  2. A_rod510

    KA24DE Can/Am Box Wiring Help

    actually when I got the car it was completely gutted and the harness was already out the car but what you told me right now will help because now I have a better idea my only question was on the ka harness , are the wires I'll be putting in the can am box going to come out of the control unit from the KA harness right ? Because the main ecu plug is just plugs into the ecu box right ?
  3. A_rod510

    KA24DE Can/Am Box Wiring Help

    I need help wiring my 510 with a Ka24de swap , okay I just recently got a can/am box and I followed the diagrams as listed , I'm confused on certain things though , like is the stock dash harness inside the 510 going to have to be spliced or anything ? Or does it just connect to the stock engine harness http://postimg.org/image/wjp1efj15/
  4. A_rod510

    Ka24de wiring help

    Could anyone help me on how to wire a ka24de into a 510 I know this has been asked a lot but I haven't seen a detailed look at the process or if you could provide links for help thanks
  5. A_rod510

    Ka24de on 510 - oil pan clearence help

    So then I've been doing the right process then right ? http://m.flickr.com/photos/115967288@N03/12231280744/lightbox/
  6. I've started to swap in my ka24de into my 510 and I've used bottom stock 510 mounts and stock ka top mounts the bolts and holes lined up just right as I started bolting the mounts together I noticed that the oil pan was not sitting on the crossmber it's about an inch of difference and I go a little concern as I've never swapped anything to 510 I'm not sure if this is normal or did I do something wrong? Please let me know if anyone knows thanks in advance
  7. A_rod510

    Datsun 411 lowering

    Im getting ready to hopefully buy a 411 off a guy I know but I'm planning on lowering it but I'm not sure what options of lowering I have since I haven't seen a lot of threads on it but I wanna see how is the best way of lowering is . I don't just wanna cut off the springs or if there's any swap or parts I can use off some other car . My plan is to lower it and camber it and hopefully it'll turn out the way I want . If anyone can help id appreciate it .
  8. Does any one seem to know the measurements or the process of fabricating some ka24de transmission mounts ? Sorta like the McKinley ones but I'm trying to save Me the 200$+ dollars it cost to buy them . If anyone could help out with the measurements thanks . I've read threads on it but it just tells you basic general info. I would like to know the best way to do this that would not be so much cost effective. Thanks in advance.
  9. A_rod510

    Fuel pump help

    Oh ok thanks and what would you recommend doing for someone on a budget with a stock tank ? And could you show pictures of the different type of tanks if possible ? Thanks
  10. A_rod510

    Fuel pump help

    Hey guys I got a 72' 510 4 door and I'm really confused on where the fuel pump is located on it ? When I bought the car it was compleatly gutted and I have no idea on where it is located . You guys might think I haven't looked around or googled enough to find the answer to this stupid question but I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find it . I've seen people with fuel cells but I don't know if that replaces the fuel pump or what it does and where I could purchase one ? I'm currently putting a 95' ka24de in my 510 but don't know the exact location of the fuel pump and I've heard of people getting a 240sx fuel pump and fuel rail but I honestly don't know the correct solution . People tell me it goes inside the fiel tank but im no sure and If anyone could help me out and not act childish it would really help me out . I don't want to give up on this project and I always relate to this site for help but always end up getting insulted . I mean if anyone could honestly help me I would thank you a lot .
  11. A_rod510

    Ka24de Motor mount dimensions help

    Hey guys I'm getting ready to put my KA into my 72' 510 but I'm wanting to fabricate my own engine mounts and tranny mount cause the mckinney mounts are to expensive the only problem is I don't know the exact measurements for the mounts , im wanting it to have that same type of mckinney look and I'm using the stock crossmember and just flipping it so thats not a problem I just need help on the measurements for the mounts if anyone has tried this and worked please help me out i would really appriciate it And post pictures also thanks .
  12. What's up guys . I've been trying to decide what wheels I should buy for my 510 but I'm not sure on what to purchase I plan on lowering the car. And giving it a camber not that much in the rear scince it's RWD and it'll just finish my tires way to fast so I'm having trouble on a wheel size and wheel model or brand and also tires and sizes that will match the wheels I plan to stretch the wheels just a little but but I want to make sure and know what I'm buying . Thanks for the help in advance , if you guys can Also post pics of your wheels it would really help . Thanks again .
  13. A_rod510

    Ka24de swap help

    Thank you ill look at it and what mods would have to be made to the drive shaft ?
  14. A_rod510

    Ka24de swap help

    Here are some pictures of my 510
  15. A_rod510

    Ka24de swap help

    Ok I'm getting ready to purchase a ka24de from a guy on CL and I wanted to know what I will need to complete the swap , he says it's a full swap including tranny but I want to know if I need to keep any parts from the original engine . Because here's the story when I first purchased the 510 I have it was completely gutted out it was about 70% rust free but completely gutted the guy I bought it from threw in a old L16 engine with tranny and couple other part like grills ,drive shaft ,bumpers . Mostly all the body parts that will make the Car look nice but the engine bay was completely gutted and all he gave was a old l16 with tranny so I'm not sure on what ill need to purchase or get out of the ka owner and what ill need to purchase for the 510 to have it up and running . I know that there's the option of flipping the crossmember or making a custom oil pan I think I'll go with the crossmember flip I also know ill need engine mounts and a tranny support but my main concern is parts such as wiring harness and all those other parts ill need inside the engine bay . Because I don't want to make stupid purchases . So if someone could help me out on this . I'm a newbie in the datsun 510 world so any help would really be appreciated . Thanks

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