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  1. 69FJWagon

    Dropped 620 sitting on bumpstops

    The torsion bars installed with no preload on them in a fixed position most likely with the truck in the air and the suspension at full droop when you put the truck on the ground the torsion bars twist and creat resistance or spring rate, The adjusters are attached to the torsion bars and as you raise or lower the truck it either increases or decreases twist in the bar and increases or decreases spring rate... thats why when ordering a torsion bar sway bar they give you options in length and wall thickness to get the proper spring rate for your application again it makes sense in my head but im no engineer Clayton
  2. 69FJWagon

    Dropped 620 sitting on bumpstops

    I could be completely wrong LOL :blink:
  3. 69FJWagon

    Dropped 620 sitting on bumpstops

    Torsion bars achive their spring rate by torsional twist (like a torsion bar sway bar keeps the car flat by increasing resistance or spring rate as the bar twist)so YES you would be losing spring rate because your are untwisting the bar... Clayton
  4. 69FJWagon

    Bay Area Mechanic Anyone?

    Troys number is 510-252-1001 Clayton
  5. 69FJWagon

    Projector Headlights

    dont forget the battery on the passenger side, when I was prepping my kc for the BMW lights I ran out of room with the battery behind the bucket of the light. so you may have to relocate the battery else where depending on the final depth of your lights. cant wait for these... :D Clayton
  6. 69FJWagon

    CARB stuff

    So a few things I need are, - SU floats X2 - 38/38 Weber outlaw carb let me know what you have and a price and I will get back to you Clayton
  7. 69FJWagon

    Who might be interested in mesh wheels...

    Id be really interested in the 16x7 gold face 5 lug let me know a price :P
  8. 69FJWagon

    1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

    Just an FYI Lithium grease turns into a sticky gunk after about 6 months, when I worked installing suspension at my buddys Mustang shop all the bushing kits came with it so you would think thats the stuff to use, WRONG... we started using synthetic bearing grease and no more issues Clayton
  9. 69FJWagon

    15x7 +25 wheels

    depends on your struts and tire size it should not be an issue I know that when Troy runs 15x7 +25 on a stock 510 strut he runs a small wheel spacer with a 205-50-15 tire Clayton
  10. 69FJWagon

    620 KA24 Motor Mount brackets

    I LOVE morning bumps... ;)
  11. 69FJWagon

    Santa Clara Monthly Last Thurs of Every Month Meet

    Darrin is a cool guy and somebody I would consider a friend of mine and everyone is intitled to their opinion I feel the same way as him sometimes but I have kinda come to expect that maybe the turn out isnt going to be the best but I go because my friends are there and you never know who or how many people are going to show up... I too have been both disappointed and surprised Clayton
  12. 69FJWagon

    BURLEIGH's KA 210 sedan build

    No problem, I will let you know more when I find out... let me know what the axle spline count is Clayton
  13. 69FJWagon

    Santa Clara Monthly Last Thurs of Every Month Meet

    OUCH buddy its the holidays and December they get a decent turn out during the summer nights... Just sayin :unsure:
  14. 69FJWagon

    BURLEIGH's KA 210 sedan build

    Depends on the spline count on the axles, cant remember if they are the same as a wagon or like the trucks I am contacting a couple people about the lockers for the trucks (I have one in my KC and love it) I want to set up another gear set with a locker for future swap possiblities, I will let you know more after I hear back from them Clayton
  15. 69FJWagon

    Santa Clara Monthly Last Thurs of Every Month Meet

    HELP....! anybody that is going tonight have a 77-79 passanger side axle for my 620or a complete rear end for that year spread??? PLEASE I need one lost an axle bearing and it welded itself to the axle and is NOT able to be saved so any help would be great :) Clayton

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