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  1. idylan123

    Dogleg 5spd, A14, Weber 32/36

    how much for just the dogleg kit?
  2. idylan123

    WTT: 1985 cressida turbo! for 510 wagon

    Bumpp I need to drive for my new job:/
  3. idylan123

    WTT: 1985 cressida turbo! for 510 wagon

    come take me awayyy
  4. idylan123

    WTT: 1985 cressida turbo! for 510 wagon

    somebody come tow this away, i hate oil leaks and there always seems to be a new one once i fix the current one, maybe someone who is patient would like to fix it. 3300obo
  5. idylan123

    WTT: 1985 cressida turbo! for 510 wagon

    we might be able to work something out
  6. idylan123

    7M-GE repairs

    theyre only a tiny upgrade, barely noticeable. and thats just cuz the lobes are a tiny bit bigger.
  7. idylan123

    7M-GE repairs

    yes the 7mgte arps will work, im not sure on the flow difference, but im sure its substantially better, just cuz the supra is the performance cressida. all M motors parts are interchangeable. minus internals. i have 7mgte arps on my 5m and a 7m hks headgasket. and make sure you torque the head gasket to 72 lbs not the 52 or w/e toyota recommends. and when you get the arps, you have to torque it to 90 lbs
  8. idylan123

    WTT: 1985 cressida turbo! for 510 wagon

    skib u can throw some cash on top;)) stupid, its a chevy s-10 front lip. 90s i think or 80s the square ugly ones. lol
  9. idylan123

    69 dime dash pad redo (pic heavy)

    it would be pretty neat if after words, it was wrapped in some sort of fabric, then you could see a lot less flaws also
  10. idylan123

    WTT: 1985 cressida turbo! for 510 wagon

    nah they have some weird application process, and mine never got accepted. and id rather just trade straight across for a dime. i miss datsuns
  11. idylan123

    1969 datsun 510 wagon

    you know i want this dakota!!! im just trying to sell my cress :D
  12. City:millcreek State/Province:washington Country:usa Price:4500 obo Item Description: I have up for sale, my 1985 toyota cressida luxury with a brand new (rebuilt) motor, that was also turbo'd. The chassis itself has about 168k on it, the new motor has almost 200 miles, still breaking in. the motor needs to be tuned, but comes with safc II. the car is still drivable without a tune for a short time because with the flapper style afm you can control the air/fuel mixture etc, but to get the full effect i recommend the tune. the motor has a few oil leaks that i cannot pin point and also a vacuum leak that i cannot pin point. motor was first filled with royal purp 10w30 then the oil was changed after 50 miles with rp 10w30 again. the motor is still new so it has a magnetic drain plug thats catching all of the wear so far. the bottom end was built and machined by sean at lake town motor sports in lake stevens, head was resurfaced and cleaned by a shop in Lynnwood, i also reground the valves. motor has 7mgte apr headbolts and a 1.2mm hks metal headgasket. the turbo is a a/r .63 from cxracing, the seal blew out on it so it smokes a bit when you boost alot, but a rebuild kit is like 30 bucks on ebay. waste gate is set to 8psi, hks ssqv knock off bov, car also has an aftermarket cd player with usb hookup, grant steering wheel, bride seat,sparco harness, harness bar made by me, 6 puck sprung clutch, 15x8 +0 drag dr-20 (work equip knock offs) cxracing 3 inch radiator from a supra. i made the exhaust on it currently, its not the best and only goes to the differential, but its not really loud and theres no emissions anyway:) full 2.5 inch no cats or muffs. back seats are out, but will come with the car, along with a stock driver seat too. feel free to ask any questions,i might be forgetting somethings,so ask anything you want. now for pics. Looking to trade for 510 sedan or wagon, preferably wagon, lmk what you got:) shoot me a pm or shoot me a text at 425-293-2427 my name is dylan
  13. idylan123

    WTB 620 shell

    Bump get this man a truck!
  14. idylan123

    WTB 620 shell

    ^ its free. fucking take it. lol
  15. idylan123

    WTB 620 shell


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