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  1. I figured he tried to profit when he said he had only had it a few months, but I'm content with what I paid ($2200). I don't have the space or time like I did in Pennsylvania when I built my 510 so I needed a decent driver that wasn't $3k+. It's rough enough that I have my work cut out for me but I can still drive it which is nice. If anyone has extra parts I have a laundry list of things I'm looking for haha
  2. Entirely possible, I bought it from a guy in orange but he said he got it from up north. Any known history, or you just saw it for sale?
  3. I just picked up this jalopy if you have any extra parts your looking to sell at JCCS lol
  4. bonus b310 (that's for sale :poke: )
  5. I always referred to them as Work Equip 02, but I think technically they are Work equip "Negative". also for sale, only have a pair though
  6. I would do this..If you were slightly closer
  7. I do not currently have it on craigslist, asking $4,000 with either wats, mk1's or meshies. Also the full stock suspension and wheels will be included. Will consider offers and trades as well
  8. 280zx front coilovers and cut front spring from a 260z? in the rear. I don't recall the exact car they came from as they were laying around the shop and I wanted to keep the factory spring uncut. Stock shocks in the rear and toyota Mr2 in the front Car is for sale btw
  9. 14's, 7.5j in the rear and 7 in the front. Would love to get the lip tucking a little more. Going to have to make my own oil pan eventually since the KA hangs so low
  10. good chatting with you for a minute colourbox, impeccable 210 congrats on the win at JCCS
  11. those are real watanabe's I don't think they make rota's in 14" anyways. 280zx strut tubes with mr2 inserts up front and cut springs out back
  12. :angel: That set has a special place in my heart, first pair of non-stock wheels I bought were longchamps That truck got sold, I saw it pop back up on craigslist painted black a couple months ago though will do
  13. I've been avoiding buy new stuff, I'm actually in the process of starting to sell what I have. But just out of curiosity, what are you looking to get rid of?
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