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  1. Shipped price to 28144? Paypal venmo ready, jmotes@gmail.com
  2. Time Left: 1 day and 3 hours

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    In need of a 521 rearview mirror for my new project. Let me know what you have.venmo and paypal ready


  3. thats all i needed to know, thanks guys. yeah i just bought the car, i didnt realize it had a r series 1600 in it. i saw some online with l series 1600 so i just assumed. i was wrong, THANKS! i found the ztherapy site but where can i get the brisco dizzy?
  4. hey guys, can you change the intake and carb from a 521 or 620 and put it on a datsun 1600 roadster. will it clear the hood and work?
  5. i need 4 steel 6 lug wheels for my datsun 521. i need hubcaps also. thanks jmotes@gmail.com
  6. i appreciate it man, i honestly built this one as my dream 521. all the bells and whistles i wanted and as nice of condition as i could afford. i think it is a steal at the $2800 OBO price but my reserve is much lower. i found a car i have been hunting for 10 years and i need money to get started on it. Cookie
  7. listed on ebay with a VERY LOW reserve!!! need it gone! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280439100791&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123
  8. still for sale, if you are local and come get it i will take a partial trade on a rebuilt or fresh chevy 350 motor. $2800 OBO
  9. BTT would love to sell this to another datsun lover, need to move it to get to another project
  10. we can work something out i am for sure. didnt you say your wife was trying to buy one also? this could be the one! call me 704-267-3949 Cookie i can make you a deal for sure!
  11. thanks man, it is still for sale and please look me up when you get some coin, any inquiries email me at jmotes@gmail.com
  12. damn... no one? i know these are hard to come by solid on the east coast.... :lol:
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