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  1. whats your 710 look like?

  2. if you still have the truck e-mail me at orangedatsun710@aol.com thanks tim
  3. yes still have the truck

  4. wanted to know if you still had the truck, thanks
  5. just wanted to know if the car was still for sale, thanks tim
  6. 10k is real high, I bought two old Datsuns from the UK and had them imported. Both of them were in mint condition and ran. 300 hundred bucks each, 1k per car to import and 5 dollars a car to title. Anything over 25 years does not have to comply with any laws over here, as long as you have the title from the other country and the sheet where it passed customs no problem to get a title. So yes 10k is way out and you will never get close to what you want if you do not tell somebody or e-mail them back. With your attitude I would not give you 5 bucks for the thing. I know a guy in Long Beach
  7. wanted to know if you still had the truck, e-mail at orangedatsun710@aol.com thanks Tim
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