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  1. ggzilla u r abundance of very useful info & knowledge, ur brain is ballin outta control. books get headaches from u readin' em. i got a serious case of the vapors. peace

  2. just got back from b-ball tourney in japan & seatac airport is covered with this FUCKIN' white stuff called snow. FUCK

  3. does anybody know the pro's & cons of collector plates

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    2. wayno


      Datwifey, your tags cost $56.00 because you bought the plates before your tags expired, if you had waited till they expired. it would have cost $70.something. I have seen federal employees hauling there golf clubs in there collector plated trucks, so just don't get caught.

    3. bananahamuck


      Red banner

      my truck looks like im driving away from an accident



    4. RedBanner


      Lol, "it was that guy with collector plates "

  4. whut's up big homie have you heard anything about where golden gardens meet is gonna be. oh yeah i took out the double valve springs, b'cause my cam was wore out so i got longer valves now.

  5. how much for to get you to make another rising sun grill emblem. that is a clean ass 210 my man. you'd make a killin' sale'n those emblems

  6. heres a nightmare scenario that happened for real i get freeway at james downtown seattle going toward broardway (rush hour). if know you know where i'm talking james is one massive hill. i get caught at a red light in my trusty 210. green comes on, i throw the dime into first and i start rollin backwards toward a 2thousand 11sumpin' mercedes benz. i slammed on the brakes stop short about 6 inches from payin my deductable & repairing a customized benz. needless to say i won't ...

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    2. flatcat19


      Cool story, Bro.

    3. lil89ram50


      sounds like you need to just drop the clutch from now on... or drive an auto.

    4. Logical1
  7. so somtmes i dot tpe all th lettes in my wods yo kno wht i men budy

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    2. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      Aye noo wut u meeeeen

    3. NOTES...



    4. NOTES...



  8. seen 2 datsun 210 with sr20det in'em

  9. i need a sr20det in my life REALLY BAD

  10. anybody have info where up garage is located here in washington

  11. does anybody know where up garage is located here in washington, i need a sr20 in my life

    1. Pumpkn210


      Dibbs on your old A series!

  12. i'm thinkin of steppin my game up. buyin a 240sx rb20det silvia conversion 4 $7000 is it worth the loot or should i just hook up the 2dime and call it good

    1. .sunlover


      put that power in a 510 and you'll school the 240's. Much lighter, just don't hit anything, you're driving history. sr20det is 1500 or so w tranny/ecu. it's up to you.

    2. RedBanner


      the duece dime for the win

  13. what are the benefits of dual valve springs on a A14 motro

  14. ok whut do i do, put these double valve springs in ORwatch nfl redzone

  15. tv's in dash & and back seats been there done that. how about tv's on each wheels......CRAZY

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    2. COOCHaDAMus


      naw i gotcha back i got triple a

    3. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      schweet ,,, AAA they




      sometimes come ? lloz

    4. I'm BLUE
  16. is there any brake upgrade availbale for 80 210. somebody help me stop

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    2. COOCHaDAMus


      whut year 300zx, u got me fiendin like a crack head now


    3. INDY510


      Wouldn't 280zx struts be easier?


      or do they not fit a 210?



      I don't think s13 struts "bolt-in"

    4. COOCHaDAMus


      shhhhhhhedd i dunno indy i'm tryna find out whut would


  17. how much HP can u squeeze out of A14.

  18. would be TOTALLY dumb to put lambo doors on a 80 210. that thought made go ummmmm

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    2. Laecaon


      I got tied to the radiator when I was graped.

    3. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      INDY got you too ?








      what a greedy bastard !



    4. I'm BLUE
  19. since chevy is bringing back all the ol skool joints, why don't nissan follow suit.

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    2. I'm BLUE
    3. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      Half of the 2011 year models will be rusted out by the time 2012's come out ?



    4. FoxyRoadster


      because Nissan doesn't want to take a shit and stick some wheels on it and call it a 510

  20. yup the only one. i know i should get a caddy of sumpthin'

  21. i had burnt orange 210 with custom bmw sunroof & loud sound system

  22. if i remember right, you ha dthe crazy upside down bike at golden garden. sup my man

  23. thanks for the info on pic's.

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