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  1. Burtal for sure. Even in the Central Valley for 720 parts. Sheesh.
  2. Lots of great pics, thanks for sharing and taking the time to upload for us to see
  3. 4 door 720s are suhweeeet
  4. Which one is yours? I saw this group picture on IG. Pretty cool.
  5. thanks for posting all of those pics, takes time, appreciate it, cool rides
  6. ☹️😢😭 I had a feeling that it would be that weekend. DRAT. [says with sad toddler face] Thanks for sharing.
  7. The boys' soccer program at Golden Valley High School in Merced will be hosting its 2nd Annual Kickin' It show on Sunday, November 10th. Roll in begins at 8am through 10am. Show 10am - 2pm. Awards begin at 1:30. We had nearly 50 cars show up last year....hot rods, minitrucks, lowriders, classics, current muscle, old muscle. No pre-registration. Just an easy "show and shine" for only $20. Raffle prizes and concession stand available. Location is Joe Herb Park off of Hwy 140/Yosemite Parkway. Contact Coach Lance at ebermerced@aol.com or 209-631-4941 for more information. Come on down (or up) to Merced. We'd love to have you!!!!!!!
  8. Is there a date for this year's event? [asked as I squint my eyes and cross my fingers hoping that it's not on the two weekends that I'm on vacation]
  9. I've got RUN-DMC's "Raising Hell" CD in my 720 this week.
  10. That explains it I guess ?
  11. @VFR800.... how in the heck do you have time to post all of these pics all of the time?!???
  12. Also grabbed the loose green one at the top. It was included in a 5pack back in the days. I just need two more Mini Trucks...Sonic Special "Final Run" and a yellow one included in the Burger Stand Sto and Go pack. Anyone got them at a reasonable price? Hit me up. Thanks.
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