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  1. I'm still on the fence about these Neon seats. 75% chance they are going back. My 720 is a kingcab. My cons: = They definitely sit higher. Feels awkward. The rear view mirror blocks more of my view at 4 way stops etc. I'm only 5' 8", but I did bonk my nugget yesterday exiting the cab. I've been in and out numerous times without doing that, so was surprised that I did it. I had never bonked my head exiting prior to these seats. = I only got 2 holes on each seat to line up perfectly. I mean perfectly. One on the front, one on the back. On the front, I had to make on
  2. Hi Wayno, I've seen your confirmation statements in various threads about Neon seats in 720s. Just confirming that they will work on all four holes for both seats. I snagged the wrong year Rodeo this past week, so need to take them back and my yard has several Neons. Can't get a refund, so will try an exchange. Thanks Bro.
  3. Hey DHP, Just double checking... these Neon seats were a direct bolt in for all four holes?? NO drilling or modifications needed???? I snagged older Rodeo seats and they matched up front, but not in the rear, so I grabbed the wrong year. I need to return them and my yard has several Neons. I want to exchange them so hopefully your reply will help me out. Thanks Bro.
  4. olskool720


    Hey, nice progress on your 720. Can you clarify this for me? Did the Neon seats line up on all 4 holes????? I snagged some Rodeo seats last week, but I guess they were the wrong year. The rear mount holes were way off and the front mounts were different heights, so the seat was unlevel. Therefore, I need to take them back to exchange them. There's several Neons where I'm going so want to know for sure if they are direct bolt in or not. Thanks Bro.
  5. Hey, I'm just double checking with you. These Neon seats bolt right up in the 720 kingcab??? The front mounts fold over and align and mount up exactly? Same with the rear mounts on the floor? I'm sure that all Neons were probably the same, but year was yours? I pulled some Rodeo seats last week when seats were on sale for $15, but they were the older Rodeo, so holes were off beyond what a simple mod could fix. PickNPull only does credit or exchange, no refunds, so was hoping to get right on my trip back this weekend. Your help and reply is GREATLY appreciated. My 51 yr old back and rear
  6. Any luck on the Trooper? My local picknpull has a '97 right now. No idea on condition of seats of course, but if all the holes lines up, let me know, thanks.
  7. Mazda 323 huh? Bolted right in huh? Thanks for that input. Pick n Pull had seats for $15 last week. Snagged some Rodeos. But, they werent the right year. They mounts in the back don't reach the holes and mounts are uneven so the seat sits at an angle. I'll have to return these and hopefully exchange them for something else that will fit. I don't see 323s on the lot.
  8. Thanks for the additional input, appreciate it
  9. Cool thanks. After further searching, I've read that Neons work and even some old Zs
  10. Hi All, My 720 seats have seen better days. I vaguely remember discussions in the past of other bucket seats that bolt right into the cab of a 720. Anyone remember anything about this? Isuzu Rodeo and/or Honda Passport seem to come to mind. Thanks for your time Lance in Central Cali
  11. 85 and 86 had smooth bed sides, no lip or hooks. Then the 86.5 brought out the dreaded D21 aka Hardbody. Totally different body style.
  12. How's the double diamond z rack coming along?
  13. There's several 88 Caprice headlights on ebay today.
  14. If you're on IG, check out #maximaheadlights or even #nissan720 and you'll come across PLENTY of pics
  15. Yep Charlie be right, the Maxima headlights are hard to find. But the Chevy Caprice is an equal for this conversion. So you've got two chances to track down a pair. I've got saved searches on ebay to set up to send me an email when some pop up. I'm always hunting them to flip them for others. Mike knows WAAAAAAY more than me on engines. I'm not an engine guy. For either conversion, be sure to grab (if possible) the wiring harness for the lights as well. You've got to cut some metal to get them in there. I have zero body mod skills, but used a jig saw with a bimeta
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