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  1. olskool720

    Truck Porn

    That explains it I guess 👍
  2. olskool720

    Truck Porn

    @VFR800.... how in the heck do you have time to post all of these pics all of the time?!?🤔😂
  3. olskool720

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Also grabbed the loose green one at the top. It was included in a 5pack back in the days. I just need two more Mini Trucks...Sonic Special "Final Run" and a yellow one included in the Burger Stand Sto and Go pack. Anyone got them at a reasonable price? Hit me up. Thanks.
  4. olskool720

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    One more Nissan Titan to go...the green Mardi Gras. ***edit*** Added the white Happy Birthday version If anyone has one (packaged or loose) and willing to let it go for $8 including shipping, drop me a message.
  5. olskool720

    Truck Porn

    Those taillights lenses look familiar. I was behind an El Camino one day at a red light and noticed the lenses. I said, "those would look cool" in my rollpan. Bought some lenses, bought a roll pan, sent them to Grants Kustoms up in Chico and made it work for me.
  6. olskool720

    What are you listening to???

    I've got Public Enemy's first vinyl (CD version) "Yo! Bum Rush The Show." spinning this week.
  7. olskool720

    1st Annual Kickin' It in Merced, CA

    Last bump for this. Concession stand with drinks and snacks. A taco vendor will be there with tacos and nachos and horchata. (6) awards include: Best of Show, Principal's Award, and 4 Players' Choice awards. Dash plaques to the first 50. Should end around 2pm, so people can get home on a Sunday. Hope to see a few of you there. I'll have my 720 there and I'll be manning the registration table, so shout out if you're Ratsun member. THANKS for reading!! ~ Lance
  8. olskool720

    72 620 barn find

    Thanks for sharing pics. Naah, don't add spacers. Looks dope tucking inside the fender!!
  9. olskool720

    1st Annual Kickin' It in Merced, CA

    Just "bumpin" this to keep it fresh 👍 We'd love to see Ratsun vehicles here in Merced. $20, can't beat it.
  10. olskool720

    1st Annual Kickin' It in Merced, CA

    Thanks for reading and replying 👍
  11. olskool720

    1st Annual Kickin' It in Merced CA

  12. olskool720

    1st Annual Kickin' It in Merced, CA

    Hi All, I'm the head coach for the boys' soccer program at Golden Valley HS in Merced. Our program is hosting a car and truck show on Sunday, November 4th here in Merced. It's our first one! Fingers crossed for a good turn out and for good weather. The show is at Joe Herb Park. All details are on the flyer. Dash plaques to the first 50 vehicles. Awards include (1) Best of Show (1) Principal's Award and (4) Players' Choice. The soccer players will be the judges..except for the obvious Principal's Award. We'll have a concession stand open. Working on maybe some raffle prizes, but not sure. Show is at a city park neighboring our school, so respectful conduct is expected for a school-related event. Drop me a text or email if you have any questions. Thanks for reading about the show and hope to see you down here. Lance
  13. olskool720

    A few pics from today's JDM @ ADM Show

    Thanks for taking time to post the pics 👍
  14. olskool720

    Things found at Yellowstone.

    Along with no pics of the passenger side, also no pics of the sleeping/eating area? Not the best ad for trying to rent vehicles : \ But def a cool vehicle. Keep us posted if you snag it. It'd be cool to see the interior ; )
  15. I liked the cholo look... wires, whitewalls, and juice.

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