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  1. Public Enemy: Yo Bum Rush The Show It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back Fear of a Black Planet Apocalypse 91.. The Enemy Strikes Black
  2. About 15 years ago, I traded in my gas mower for a Neuton Electric Mower that uses a rechargeable battery. It was some "green program" sponsored by the State of California. I've only had the replace the battery once. Mower still works. Plenty of power to shoot the grass into the bag. I typically get 10 - 15 mows between charges.
  3. slow and low is the tempo, no need to go fast anyways
  4. if you only lived about 600 miles closer LOL
  5. looks effective, looks like a Lego baseplate
  6. Time Left: 12 days and 16 hours

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    Hi All, I'm looking for one (1) 620 stock steelie wheel. The 620 wheel has the little openings/slits on them as pictured. Just one. I'm in the central valley of California.


  7. Those trucks should be reversed. This is offensive.🤣
  8. Have fun!! I haven't there since 1986 while living in the Pacific while my dad was in the Air Force. Fun place to visit!!
  9. olskool720

    Camper Shell

    Keep it. Someone will want it.
  10. Was it the one with the starting bid of $.99?? I saw it and was watching it myself.
  11. oooooh, that kingcab 720 looks clean...at least from that angle LOL. ST wheels. Cool as topper. Chrome bumper. Wish that I lived closer.
  12. Some pics of the rides that did show up and some award winners Best Muscle VVVVVV (from Bakersfield) Best Classic Truck Best Fullsize Truck Best Suspension VVVVVVV Best Minitruck VVVVVV Best Classic Car VVVVVVV Best Lowrider VVVVV Best Paint VVVVVVV Best Compact Car VVVVVVV Best Speciality Best of Show VVVVVV (from Lemoore)
  13. I definitely wasn't hoping to draw people from south of the Grapevine or north of Stockton/Sacramento. I did get one car show that showed up from Bakersfield (2.5 hr drive). They saw it on EventBrite and said "we've never been to Merced, let's ride." Got another one from Lemoore (1.5hr drive). Their car got best of show...a RHD Jaguar. Definitely was hoping for some local draw. I even avoided the Turlock Swap Meet this year which is 25 miles away, so the conditions were ripe for a big turnout. Meh, hopefully next year.
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