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  1. Guest_kamakazi620

    Eagle Adam ripped me off

    Kami has nothing to say about this.......yet another cat goes missing. ...
  2. Guest_kamakazi620

    Seafoam problem

    Seafoam works great.on a good compression motor that has been a little neglected.it will not fix the air/fuel mixture a cause of carbon build up.it will clean up the carbon but you need to fix the real problems first.last oil change i put half a bottle in the oil and the other half in my gas tank, I read the instructions I had a full tank of gas, I drove it back and forth to work I did not "get on it" while driving, after the week of driving I warmed the engine up then dropped a quart of oil out of crankcase then added a quart of ATF ran it at idle for 1/2 an hour then changed my oil and filter I also adjusted my timing and changed my plugs at this time.it runs great and you wouldn't believe some of the goopy crap in the drain pan.if your motor has good compression I see no reason NOT to use seafoam unless your motor is fresh and is clean as hell under the valve cover.mine had been neglected and was a little gunky.
  3. Guest_kamakazi620

    single weber 45 dcoe with cannon intake.anyone running this??

    I am interested. ..
  4. Anyone running this setup on their L series? ? Hows it run...good? Power? Mileage?? I'm looking to get rid of the 32/36 setup...
  5. Guest_kamakazi620


    I saw this in person today...EPIC.......I still have a chub over it....
  6. Guest_kamakazi620

    76 610 coupe

    Poor car has been passed around like a cheap whore.....glad you're gonna fix her man...she deserves it....
  7. Guest_kamakazi620

    Ka swap into 77 king cab

    the frontier dizzy don't work with that setup they're different OBD's
  8. Guest_kamakazi620

    Ka swap into 77 king cab

    k well why the fawk is he gonna swap the whole motor????
  9. Guest_kamakazi620

    Ka swap into 77 king cab

    dude keep the frontier engine..just get the 240sx intake manifold and wiring harness.just use all 240sx wiring intake dizzy maf throttle body .....don't get rid of the engine just change the fuel injection setup....
  10. Guest_kamakazi620

    74 620 Radiator Size

    Why not just use a 720 radiator? ?
  11. Guest_kamakazi620

    L16 swap questions

    good ? I'm not familiar with the offy intakes......Jacob is but he Is banned ....
  12. Guest_kamakazi620

    joke's you know you got them

    Ratsun...............................yeah that's the joke....
  13. Guest_kamakazi620

    Free Redbanner poll

    indefinite bann............
  14. Guest_kamakazi620

    Free Redbanner poll

    I would really like to say a lot, But.......I feel if I say anything I might be permabanned for the umpteenth time.so I will just say I've been warned for worse, I thought it was unfair, but whom am I to say? I don't have the power or the responsiablity of the mods.when the people who inforce the rules breaks them it makes me not want to be a part or fight back....or care......
  15. Guest_kamakazi620

    Free Redbanner poll

    not talking bout me is ya???? I'm obvious troll.....

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