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  1. done and made it to the show
  2. its going to be solid red....im trying to build the one I wanted in high school...
  3. great guy to deal with too!...treated me great and super fast shipping!
  4. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r19/rustys69general/40proof005_zps69f74dfe.jpg little more done ...if somebody know what im doing wrong on photobucket let me know..im using the link the form says...and it worked when I first started ..but now I cant get it to show..im using the last bar
  5. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r19/rustys69general/cboldminitrucking043_zpsa10390c4.png
  6. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r19/rustys69general/july913072_zps2236588a.jpg I still don't know what changed on the pictures..linking it back to here..but ill have a few more pictures ..this ones of the floor patch
  7. thanks guys ...its at the body shop ..but I am going to take some pics....its going to be solid red ..might drop it a little more
  8. I don't know what I did wrong posted the picture the same as the others but its not showing up
  9. got my air dam thanks to steroid off to the body shop tomorrow %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r19/rustys69general/datsunairdam008_zps3c7b0220.jpg
  10. finally got the truck home ..the rear brakes needed a little tlc ..but under the hood cleaned up nice.. a little body work and a new air dam is on the way
  11. rustys

    tilt bed help

    anyone have some pictures of there set up...
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