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  1. wheeler

    engine swap...Need HELP!

    thanks guys. its gunna suck because the truck has a 3 in body lift.... any suggestions to make it go smooth? oh, its carbed. i tried to swap 2 390s in my old trucks. i tried to put an older (1969) 390 into a 1972 body with a siezed 390 but the engine mounts and tranny didnt line up. i really dont wanna go through the same ordeal again. is there any variation in the 75 and the 80 l2ob or are the exact same?
  2. wheeler

    engine swap...Need HELP!

    :confused:I have a 1980 720 datsun king cab with a siezed L20b. Can i replace it with a 1975 L20b with no conversions/mods?

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